Sexxxy Superheroes: ATOMIC ADONIS

My latest superhero. The idea came to me when I was thinking about how so many mainstream superheroines are often drawn wearing scantily-clad costumes, and in sexually suggestive poses, compared to male heroes. And, many times, the artists who draw the heroes, and the male fans who read them, try to defend the characters’ depictions against charges of sexism by saying that the women are “confidant”, and that’s why they show off their bodies.

Well, taking that reasoning and applying it to a male hero, I came up with ATOMIC ADONIS. Adam Anderson was always a short and skinny little guy, picked on all through school and ignored by girls. As an adult he became a scientist and, one day, there was an accident in his lab, and he found his body transformed and he was given fantastic powers, including super-strength, the ability to fly and create force-fields, and to shoot powerful energy blasts from his hands. He decided to use his powers to become a superhero. And now that he’s built like a male stripper, he also dresses like one, to show off his new buff super-body.

Image drawn by Celina Hernandez

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