Obama wins Florida topping Romney in final tally

Even though it was just a formality at this point, with the Florida ballots counted, the seemingly never-ending American Presidential election of 2012 is officially over and Barack Hussein Obama will continue to be our President for another full-term! Now that I’ve had a few nights to let it sink in, I thought I’d reflect upon my feelings during the season and, especially, on Tuesday night.

I have to admit that I was worried, truly worried, that he would lose. In my opinion, if Barack Hussein Obama had failed to win re-election that would have, in a way, negated the significance of his winning in 2008. Sure, it would still be a historical footnote, the first Black man elected President of the United States of America, but him losing would have felt like it ultimately didn’t matter, that we had taken a huge step backward, that ignorance, fear, and bigotry had fought back and won. I was prepared to stay offline, not turn on the TV, or listen to the radio for at least the rest of the week, because I knew the Right Wing Wackos would be out in force, gloating, and I did not want to see that.

Tuesday was a long, nerve-wracking day for me. I’d already voted by mail a couple of weeks ago, so I did not need to vote. Plus, I live in California, which Barack Hussein Obama was destined to win anyway, so there really was nothing I could do, which made it even more frustrating. I just had to sit and wait for the rest of the country. When I first got to work one of my coworkers asked me who I thought would win, and I said I didn’t know. So she said “But what does your gut tell you?” But, again, I just said I don’t know. Heck, I never expected him to win the first time, and I was wrong then. But this time I was mostly worried about possible voter suppression and whatnot from various states led by Republicans. That’s what really frightened me, that we could end up with another situation like the 2000 election. I wasn’t sure if the country could handle that again.

Just before I left work at 5:30pm to go home, I checked the internet to see if any news had come in yet, and it had Barack Hussein Obama and Mitt Romney each winning one state, but with Romney getting 8 Electoral college votes to Barack Hussein Obama’s 3. So Romney was in the lead. I thought, f**k, I hope this isn’t a trend. I didn’t listen to the radio on the drive home, and I didn’t turn the TV on when I got home. I was trying to just ignore the news, because I was having a bad feeling. I got online, but tried to stay away from the news and Facebook and Twitter, because I knew people would talking about it. My initial plan was to not check the news until at least 9pm, when the West Coast voting closed. But, eventually, I couldn’t help myself, and would check the MSN homepage. It seemed like Romney was in the lead, both in the popular vote and electoral college, for most of the night. I started checking Facebook too, and I saw someone say Barack Hussein Obama had just won Ohio and, thus, the election. I couldn’t believe it, I started checking the various news site, both MSN and CNN, but they were giving conflicting reports, and then I checked the Fox news website, and they had declared Barack Hussein Obama the winner. At that point I thought, I’m going to turn on the TV and specifically check Fox News Channel. I didn’t even have FNC on my DirecTV channel menu, because I had removed it years ago, so I look up online to see what channel it’s on so I could manually turn to it. But I knew that if Barack Hussein Obama really won, the Far Right wackos would be losing their s**t, so I really wanted to see that.

And, boy, did they not disappoint.

Watching Karl Rove flipping out, trying to deny the results, was hilarious. I’ll admit, I did not really exhale until Romney gave his concession speech, because I still thought that something could change, but once that happened I was so relieved. And for the rest of the night, I purposely only checked conservative websites and watched Fox News, just for the pure schadenfreude. Seeing the looks on the faces of all those blowhards who just couldn’t believe that Barack Hussein Obama got re-elected, and reading the columns and comments on sites like World Net Daily and Brietbart, seeing the outrage and spin, it was a beautiful thing. I think it’s finally sinking in to them that “White Privilege” is slowly but surely coming to an end in America, and we are moving FORWARD.



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