Written and Illustrated by Ghostwerks Comics, Like Voltron, Is Formed By Five People With Madd Skillz! Corance Davis, Samax Randolph, Mike Lagocki, Mario Cauley, And Khalid Robertson.

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 114

Collecting all the original Champion of Children stories previously published, this edition also includes a brand new story by Corance Davis and Rasheed Hines! This is a Beautiful world. A world full of life, love and happiness. A world worthy of protection. To that end, a Champion has been chosen! A Champion who will see to the well-being of kids the world over. Welcome to the adventures of Li’l Madd Skillz, the newest Champion of Children!

Over the years I’ve been privileged to have gotten some artwork form a talented artist named SAMAX (pronounced “Suh-Max”), the master of the art-style called Ghetto Manga. If you haven’t seen this yet, click the link and go scroll down and check out his awesome commission of my original character, the sexxxy superheroine MIGHTY AFRODITE

Dope, ain’t it?

So, of course, in addition to subscribing to his magazine GHETTO MANGA QUARTERLY (subscribe and/or order back-issues HERE, I had to support and get this new collection that he and his crew have put out. These features seven stories about a bunch of pre-teen superheroes (with names like Lil Madd Skillz, Junior Raw, Crybaby,Cool Breeze, and Raggamuffin, among others), as they use a combination of martial arts and various super-powers to battle aliens, monsters, cyborgs and schoolyard bullies! This is great fun that readers of all-ages can enjoy. So head on over to INDYPLANT and order a copy. Now! Right Now!


UPDATE: Now also available on Amazon in PRINT and DIGITAL!

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