David Joshua, a computer hacker for hire who specializes in smoothing out the inconveniences of modern life, this cyber-thriller comic explores the nature of power in a world driven by information.

This book was created by actor Flex Alexander, and he enlisted Brandon Easton to write it for him, with artwork by a mysterious figure who goes by the name JJBR. The book opens with a car chase, a man is on the run from someone, driving into Baltimore, while on the phone with his girlfriend, desperately asking her to call the Department of Justice. But it turns out that it’s too late, as his girlfriend is in a car, clearly being held against her will, by a bunch of men in what appear to be military uniforms, but with some kind of mysterious insignia on their sleeves. As the men corner him in an abandoned area, the man is shot to death and his body chopped into pieces, as the fate of his girlfriend is unknown.

Cut to Washington D.C., where we meet David Joshua, who is having an argument, post-coitus. with his girlfriend Sherry. Sherry is in the police academy, and doesn’t approve of David’s illegal activities. David is a brilliant computer hacker and, instead of using his skills to earn a legal living, he lets people hire him covertly to clean up various messes in their lives, such as wiping out their debts. From his dialog, we can tell that David sees himself as a sort of modern day Robin Hood, helping people fight against the corrupt Capitalist system which enslaves them financially. Sherry is not impressed with David’s justifications and storms out, and then we see David getting a call and arranging to meet another client. We see David, using the hacker name “Bubba Ice,” in action as he cleans his client’s car insurance record, but then afterwards, while checking around the IRS database, he notices a multibillion dollar tax refund given to some top secret project. This action puts him in the sights of the men from the opening of the comic. Meanwhile, a Federal agent is called by the local police to the crime scene in Baltimore, where a single bit of evidence suggests military involvement in the murder of the man, who it turns out was a computer hacker. Then when David gets back to his apartment, he sees it’s been ransacked and assumes it’s a random burglary, until he’s suddenly dodging a hail of bullets and then, well, let’s just say the issue ends with a bang.

A very good first issue, with a decent set up that introduces us to our lead character and the world he’s living in, with just enough info to let us enjoy the story, but still holding back enough to keep us wanting more, with a cliffhanger to keep us hooked until the next issue. Great writing from Easton with workman-like art from JJBR. This issue earns a Chacebook rating of 4 STARS

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