Things go from bad to worse for David Joshua as he realizes he’s stumbled upon a vast conspiracy way larger than him. Can David survive long enough to figure what’s happening or is it already too late?

Writer Brandon Easton and artist JJBR return to continue the series that actor Flex Alexander created. This issue opens in the White House, where the President (who is Black, but he’s not Obama), Vice President, and Chief of Staff are having an argument over what a covert C.I.A. mission in Africa against China that’s being run by the Vice President, and could end up being an Iran/Contra-level scandal. Then we cut to Sherry’s apartment, where she’s surprised to see that our hero, David Joshua, has broken in, on account of his apartment getting blown up at the end of the last issue. He wants her help, because someone’s trying to kill him, but Sherry is unsympathetic, and tells him he needs to be arrested, for his own good. David tries to leave, but runs outside to face a full police SWAT team. Eva Reyes, the FBI agent who was at the scene of the murder of that other computer hacker, sees the news of David’s arrest on TV, and thinks it’s too much of a coincidence to see another computer hacker in major trouble like this, so she starts investigating David on her own. Considering the relatively small nature of his crimes, she thinks the SWAT team is obvious overkill. So she decides to head to the prison to talk to David herself. But it looks like those mercenaries have gotten there first, and they’re heavily armed…TO BE CONTINUED

Storywise, this issue felt a bit lighter than the first one. There was no clear connection between the opening scene in the White House, and the rest of the scenes, but I have to assume that the relevance will be shown soon (hopefully in the next issue). We also got a little bit of insight into David’s background, as we saw him being visited in prison by his mother, a strict woman who is disappointed in how David’s life has turned out, and his brother, who appears to be a big fat loser. Altogether, the dialog and suspense in this issue kept me hooked, and while JJBR’s art seemed a bit more rough that it did previously, I still find myself anticipating the next issue. Chacebook rating: 4 STARS

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