What good is invulnerability if you are a 100 pound weakling. That is the dilemma that Quinton West faces as he recieved the gift of invulnerability but no other powers to compliment it. Now he goes on a quest to become the best super hero he can possibly be even though all of his foes are much stronger than he is. Or so he thinks.

This is another comic-book series from Lion Forge Comics, the same publisher that brings us The Joshua Run, which I have been enjoying, so I was curious to check this one out when I heard about it.
The credits list this title as being created by The Illustrated Syndicate, and this issue is written by David Gorden and drawn by Gerardo Sanduval. The issue appears to be specifically formatted for reading on a Kindle or tablet (iPad, in my case), as it is told is in series of splash pages, like giant panels, so you must hold your tablet sidewides to read it and scroll from one page to the next. It’s an interesting format, and I think it works well. Readers who still primarily view their comics on dead trees (ie “print”) may need to take a minute to get used to it, though.

The story is: Quincredible fights a supervillain named Big Brother.

Really, that’s it.

It’s one long fight scene. It opens during the day, it’s lunchtime and we see 2 men and a woman sitting together at a table (with no food or drinks on it) in a restaurant, when suddenly Quincredible comes crashing backwards through the front window. He gets up and rushes back outside to where Big Brother (who, presumably, is the one that knocked Quincredible through the window in the first place) is waiting for him, and they proceed to fight. Well, it’s not really much of a “fight”, it’s Quincredible trying in vein to hurt or restrain Big Brother, who easily deflects all of Quincredible’s attacks, and keeps knocking him into walls, and even throws a car at him (all of this helps emphasize the fact that Quincredible is invulnerable). Quincredible finally manages to find a way to defeat Big Brother (no spoilers here), and a TV news crew arrives on the scene to ask him his name, which he announces is Quincredible (naturally). So…

WRITING: I liked the dialog between Quincredible and Big Brother during the fight. Quincredible had some wisecracks, but it was clear he was taking this fight seriously, although Big Brother had no respect for him. But no matter how many hits he took, Quincredible kept getting back up, so he’s got heart. From the tone of Big Brother’s dialog it was also clear that Quincredible was new to this whole superhero thing. This may have been his first battle. But for a first issue of a brand new series about a brand new character it was lacking in a lot info. We didn’t get an origin, which is typical for far too many comics these days. But as long as they don’t hold out on revealing it too long, I could accept it. Like I said, it was just one long fight, already in progress as the story began. It was said that Big Brother was trying to rob a bank when Quincredible stopped him, but we didn’t see that. Incidentally, we didn’t even know Big Brother’s name, until the TV crew mentions it in the final panel. And I wonder if the three people in the restaurant are just random bystanders, or will they appear again? That’s not clear either. That being said, I did find this issue enjoyable. It was a fun little fight, I read the issue during my morning break at work yesterday, and I was intrigued enough that I would be interested in learning more about this characters. So on that level, it worked. But I can only give the writing THREE STARS.

ARTWORK: No complaints there. Sanduval’s art was clear and easy to follow. With great colors by Said Studios (who are also credited on inks, with Carl Reed). So that gets FOUR STARS.

Available on Amazon and also on Graphicly, plus on ITUNES

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