Mixed Martial Arts and Hollywood superstar RAMPAGE JACKSON makes his comic book debut in this action packed one-shot from Lion Forge Comics! When an electrified madman tries to force his ex-girlfriend into marriage by threatening her family’s lives, the woman turns to Rampage for help. The STREET SOLDIER known as Rampage must overcome this ruthless master of electricity or his first superpowered adventure may very well be his last!

I originally wasn’t planning to get this, because I’m not an MMA fan, although I am aware of who Rampage Jackson is. But then I noticed that it’s just a one-shot issue, as opposed to an ongoing series, and it’s only $2.99 so, what the heck? I gave it a chance. Written by David Gorden, who wrote Quinncredible #1, with art by Lorenzo Lizana and colors by Sai Studios, this issue from Lion Forge Comics casts Rampage in the role of a part-time superhero. Sort of a Hero For Hire, ala Luke Cage, it’s what he does during his time off from wrestling. He has superpowers, inlcuding being super strong, invulnerable, super speed and having enhanced senses. I think he also had some kind of wolf-like powers. There are some scene where he’s drawn with his ears real pointy, what look like fangs in the back of his mouth, and his arms are hairy. Either that’s intentional, or the artist REALLY screwed up. He works with two partners, a man named Will who doesn’t seem to have any powers, he’s just a big strong guy who joins in to help Rampage fight bad guys sometimes, and an unnamed woman in a wheelchair who helps find the people who need Rampage’s help. Plus Rampage’s trained attack-dog Adronicus.

This issue opens in Texas, with Rampage in a tag-team Wrestling match, and then afterwards he meets with a woman named Maria. She tells him the story of how she started dating Armando Ruiz in college, but broke up with him when he became abusive. But it turns out that he’s the son of the head of a powerful Colombian drug cartel. And then when Armando suddenly gained superpowers (Maria mentioned a “worldwide meteor storm” as a possible explanation for this, and that could be how Rampage gained his powers too, although that’s not specified), including flying and shooting electricity from his hand, he returned for her, trying to force him to marry her, and threatening to take over her father’s business, but she escaped. Rampage agrees to help her, when suddenly a bunch of Ruiz’ henchmen show up with guns and a rocket launcher. But that’s not enough to stop Rampage, who survives a direct hit from the rocket, and takes out the rest of the henchmen. But when Ruiz shows up himself, and threatens to blast some innocent civilians nearby, Mario agrees to go with him, and Rampage is forced to stand down. In Chapter Two of the book, Rampage and Will track down the place where the marriage is being held, and breaks in with the help of Will and Adronicus, for a 2nd showdown with Ruiz.

I won’t spoil the ending, but it leads with a clear set-up for future stories, as Rampage, Will, and the wheelchair woman, head off in his private bus for Atlanta and another case. If someone sends a tweet with #streetsoldier that’s how you get in contact with Rampage if you need his services. And the final ad says that an ongoing series is coming this month. As a stand-alone issue, it is decent enough. Fans of Rampage Jackson who also like comic-books would probably really enjoy this. Storywise it’s pretty much all action, which isn’t a bad thing. But I do think that for a set-up to an ongoing the story it could have filled in a few more details, like how did Rampage gets his powers, was it the meteor shower or something else? And how did he set up his crew to become a superhero. Like I said, the woman in the wheelchair is clearly meant to be important to the operation, but he name is never even mentioned. Things like that are glaring in their omission. Still, for what it is, I can rate this issue FOUR STARS.

Avialable digitally for your Kindle or iPad via AMAZON.COM

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