So I got the little jury summons today. Well, not exactly a summons, just the registration, which is always the first step towards a summons. You’re supposed to fill out this form, listing your ability to serve, and then they might summon you for service on selected days. Accept previous experience says that there is no “might”, you definitely will be summoned. And trying to get out of it is pointless, unless you can provide some proof or significant medical impairment, or extreme financial hardship. Or you have a criminal record (which, unfortunately, I don’t.

Well, forget it. I’m just not sending in this registration. I’m ignoring it. That’s why I always used to do, and it was the only way I never got summoned. They try and scare you now will threats that failure to fill out the registration could result in arrests, fines, and jail time, but I don’t buy that. First, they can’t prove that I ever got the registration. It’s not like anyone had to sign for it, it was just in dumped in my mailbox. So if the situation ever comes where I’m brought before a judge I’ll just swear, under oath if I have to, that I never received it. So it’s not my fault.

And, no, “Chace Thibodeaux” is not my real name. I’m not that stupid, I wouldn’t write this publicly knowing it could be used against me.

I’ve served in Jury Duty a couple of time and it’s just boring and real inconvenient, and I don’t want to do it again. So, fuck it. They want me, they’re going to have to come and get me.

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