Done (Sung to the tune of N’Sync’s “Gone”)

Couldn’t have said/written this better myself.

The Afrosoul Chronicles

This goes to certain individuals; not an entire group of people, but only for this chosen few.

They are not many, standing on the fringe, puffing their chests and ruffling their feathers.

But they get loud, angry and “armchair-bitter.” They so desperately want to sound as if they are experts to something that they know absolutely nothing about other than what they’ve read in passing or seen on television.

I’ve realized that I’ve spent too much time dealing with these individuals. And so, think of the following statements as a sort-of “Dear John” letter ending a particularly worthless relationship.

This is my purge.

So this sparked a “conversation”…

Sorry, but this “conversation” you’re having is the exact same conversation that has been going on for all of 2013… And, I’m sick of it.

What’s really annoying is the fact that no matter how many times the question is posed…

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