When Jose Santiago gains super human powers from a fallen meteorite he must determine the best way to balance the needs of his family with the demands of being a super hero.


This new comic from Lion Forge Comics is written by David Gorden, who’s work I’ve covered before in Quincredible #1 and Rampage Jackson: Street Soldier #0, the latter of which was drawn by Lorenzo Lizana, who also drew this issue.

The issue opens up right to the action, with Accel racing down a city street. A man is holding a woman at gunpoint in a building, he’s demanding that he be given a car to get out of town. Within a couple of seconds, Accel takes out the man’s two armed henchmen, and then snatches the gun and woman out of the man’s hands. Accel was doing this because the man had a bounty on him, but when he turns the man into the police, he’s informed that he can’t collect the bounty because he’s underage and doesn’t have a Bounty Hunter license. Accel is upset, but a man named William Foreman appears, he’s the father of the woman that was being held hostage, and it’s immediately clear that he’s a man of wealth and power. He offers to compensate Accel for his actions, and presents him with a $10,000 prepaid debit card, since Accel doesn’t want to reveal his secret identity to get a check. But after he leaves, we learn that Foreman’s motives aren’t so clear. He wants Accel, and the secret to his powers, and is planning to use that debit card to track him.

Then we get a flashback to Accel’s origin. He’s Jose Santiago, and his family moved to Mississippi after “The Event” (something to do with another of Lion Forge’s titles, which I haven’t read yet), and are living on a farm. One day, Jose and his older brother Danny and sister Rosa go into a barn and find a big glowing meteor. Jose taps it with a rock and it explose, putting Danny in the hospital and giving Jose his super-speed powers. Back in the present, Jose uses his the debit card to pay off Danny’s medical bills, because his parents couldn’t afford it. That’s how Foreman tracks him and sends his men to go get him. As Jose and Danny argue over the merits of Danny using his powers to make money, even if it’s for altruistic reasons, Foreman’s men attack, with flying ships, high-tech armor and weapons. Jose changes back into his costume and tries to fight them, but Rosa gets injured, and soon manifests super powers of her own, some kind of telepathy and mental-blasts powers. Together they defeat the men, and have them arrested. Afterward, Jose swears to keep doing good as Accel, and goes out on patrol.

All in all, a good first issue. It set up the main character and his supporting cast pretty well. From the beginning to the end it’s clear that helping out his family is Jose’s primary concern. The debate between Jose and Danny, who thinks that if Jose is going to be a real superhero then he can’t expect to get paid, while Jose points out that police and firefighters do good deeds and get paid for it, it’s pretty interesting. Rosa’s suddenly emerging powers was also an interesting debate, and one random panel suggests that Danny may develop some powers as well, somewhere down the line.

There’s still a lot waiting to be revealed, we haven’t seen Jose’s parents yet, and we need to know more about Foreman. I hope we get that chance, as I would like to see this title continue. Story and art get FIVE STARS.

Available digitally via AMAZON and on GRAPHICLY

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