Quincredible faces off against the ultra powerful supervillian Degenerate. What Quinton doesn’t realize yet is that Degenerate has a hidden ace up his sleave. He’s the bully that beat Quinton up for eight years straight and he knows that Quinton is deathly afraid of him. Can Quinton overcome his fear or will he end up just another notch on the belt of a uncontrollable villian?

This issue, like the first one, is pretty much another long fight scene, this time between Quincredible and a villain called Degenerate, who is a big strong and nearly invulnerable White dude. We open with Degenerate smashing up the streets, with the police helpless to stop him. Quincredible arrives on the scene and tries to knock Degenerate’s block off with a baseball bat, to no avail. Then Degenerate taunts Quincredible with the fact that they know each other, which is when Quin suddenly recognizes his voice. Degenerate is Derrick, a kid who had been bullying Quinton, beating him up and taking his lunch, for the past 8 years, since Elementary school. This causes Quincredible to panic and sort of freeze up as Degenerate proceeds to be the crap out of him. We see through flashbacks incidents in the past where Derrick bullied young Quinton, and Quinton’s father talking to him about the importance of letting bullies know that you’re not afraid of them. Plus there’s a scene of Mr. C from last issue teaching Quinton martial arts. Then Quinton finally finds the courage to fight back. TO BE CONTINUED.

I want to note, for those of you who have read my reviews but have foolishly not ordered these books yet, these Lion Forge comics are created specifically for digital, there are no print versions. So Quincredible is told entirely in splash pages, ideal for reading on a tablet, or computer screen, or even a smartphone. So the stories tend to be shorter than your average comic, but at $1.99 they’re also almost half off.

Anyway, I’m going to have to divide up my ratings for this comic, to be fair and balanced. First, the writing. Returing series writer David Gorden does a good job with the dialog and pacing of the fight here. I though that this was a step-up from issue #1, I can see the improvement. However, Holy Déjà Vu, Batman! I can’t help but notice the similiarity between this story and the first two issues of STATIC, from Milestone Comics, back in the day. The teenage Black nerd (Static/Quincredible) gets superpowers and the first supervillain he fights (in Static’s case, Hotstreak) is a White dude who used to beat him up back in school. And, like Quincredible in this issue, Static initially panicked and couldn’t fight back when he recognized the villain. And it ended on a cliffhanger, and then in the next issue Static regained his courage and fought back. So, while I enjoyed this issue, I think the best rating I can fairly give it is THREE STARS

For the art, Eddie Nunez replaces Gerardo Sanduval in this issue, I don’t know if it’s temporary or permanent, and he does a very good job. His style is not that disimiliar from Sanduval’s, so it’s not a jarring switch. No complaints here. That gets FOUR STARS.


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