Quincredible VS. Degenerate part 2. It’s winner takes all as Quinton faces down his greatest fears in order to overcome an impossible foe!

After a brief recap of Quin’s origin on the first page (he was mowing his front lawn when a small chunk of a meteor, presumably the meteor from Catalyst Prime #1: The Event, hit him on the head and knocked him out) we pick up right where the last issue left off. And if you read review of the last issue (which I have to assume that you have, otherwise why the hell would you be reading THIS review?), you’ll know that I noted that the story bore a bit of a similarity to the story in the first issue of STATIC from Milestone Comics. Well, this is pretty similar to the story in the 2nd issue of STATIC.

After initially freaking out as he recognizes Degenerate as his old grade school tormentor Derrick, Quin regroups and prepares to fight back. Remember, Quin’s only power is that he’s invulnerable, he doesn’t have any extra strength or anything, so he’s clearly outclassed in that department by Degenerate, but Quin utilizes the martial arts moves that his mysterious trainer Mr. C (who is back in this issue), and uses Degenerate’s size and strength against him.

So this issue is basically another long fight scene, but it’s well-written, by series regular David Gorden, and nicely drawn by returning artist Eddie Nunez. It may not be the most original story I’ve ever read, but I consider it worth the $1.99 I paid for it. FOUR STARS


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