Playboy’s Secret Confessions & Fantasies was a TV series that aired twice a month on the Playboy Channel for a couple of years back in the early 90’s. The show was hosted by Dr. Joy Davidson, a psychotherapist and author. The premise of the show is that each episode would contain two recreations of someone’s sexual encounter, using professional actors, and then after each recreation it have Dr. Davidson in a studio with the real person whose encounter we just saw, and Dr. Davidson would briefly interview them about what happened. Of course, I always assumed that most, if not all, of these stories were fake. There was one show were specifically recognized the supposed real person that Dr. Davidson was interviewing as an actress that I’d seen in another show on the Playboy Channel. And there is a disclaimer in the credits of the show that says:

Certain of the confessions portrayed on this program are enacted or described by surrogates, and may not reflect actual people, places or events.

Sometimes the stories presented were explicitly stated to just be fantasies or dreams that the people had (hence the title, secret confessions and fantasies), such as one I vaguely remember where a man imagined a statue of a sexy woman coming to life and having sex with him.

This collection that I’m reviewing today cuts out Dr. Davidson’s interviews, and simply presents 7 of the recreations, and only ones that are supposed to have really happened (which is why “and Fantasies” is cut out of the title). I’ve had it on an old VHS tape for years, to the point where now the tape looks a little warped when I play it. Well, I finally found it on DVD and just received my copy yesterday. Strangely, the video doesn’t contain many credits. Steve Silas is the sole writer listed, so I guess he wrote each scene. Five directors are credited, Peter G. Bunche, Carlo Gustaff, Edward Holzman, Bob Kubilos and Sam Mack, but it doesn’t say which recreations each one directed. And, worst of all, there are no acting credits. Can’t find them when I try to look the show up on IMDB either. There are a few I recognize and know they’re names, so I can list those, but not the rest.

Each segment is about 8 minutes long. There’s no actual dialog in the scenes, even though we often see the actors speaking, there’s just soft music playing while a narrator, supposedly the person this happened to, describes what’s happening.

Griffen Drew plays Elaine, who talks about some male model that she saw in a magazine as a teenager and had a huge crush on. Now as an adult she’s moved out to a remote area in the woods, and is engaged. One day while at the local market she happens to meet that male model (whom I recognize, but I don’t know his name), who still looks the same as she remember. She strikes up a conversation with him, they go back to his cabin and then spend the rest of the day making love by the fireplace. I’ll note that, this being the 90’s, they made a point of showing the model get a condom before they had sex. Elaine says that even though she never saw him again, it helped her realize that her fiancΓ© wasn’t the right man for her, so she broke up with him. 5 STARS

A woman named Venus (played by an actress who looks familiar, but I can’t place her) works as a late-night DJ on a radio station, and recounts a time that she and a local salesman had sex in her office while she was playing music. Not bad. 4 STARS

This is the story of Dennis, who runs his own business detailing cars. He talks about a time he was washing an expensive car of a rich client in the man’s driveway, and one of the neighbors, an attractive woman happened to be jogging by and she stopped an offered to help him. So they washed the car together, getting all wet and soapy and ended up having sex on it. 4 STARS

Jay is a young man who has recently graduated from high school and is about to go off to join the army. And he’s a vigin. His favorite ex-teacher Warren (Michael Meyer) invites Jay over to his house for a goodbye dinner. When Jay arrives they are joined by two other teachers, Marilyn (played by an actress that I recognize, but I don’t know her name) who is Warren’s girlfriend, and Ruth Anne (played by the lovely Lori Jo Hendrix). After dinner the three teachers excuse themselves to go upstairs and then call out for Jay to come up. He walks into the room and is shocked to see the three teachers in bed together. Warren and Marilyn beginning having sex on one side of the bed while Ruth Anne slips off her nightgown and pulls Jay into bed with her and they have sex on the other side. The rest of the scene mainly focuses Jay and Ruth Anne, with only a few glimpses of the other two, having sex the rest of the night (the camera makes a point to pan over a box of condoms on the nightstand next to the bed). The next morning Jay walks down the stars and stops to look at himself in a mirror on the wall, when Marilyn joins him and then they have sex right there on the stairs. Afterwards, Jay thanks the teachers, and heads off to the army. I wish I could name the other actress, because she was hot. But Lori Jo Hendrix is amazing in this one. 5 STARS

Rick is a guy visiting his old hometown. Speeding down an empty road he gets pulled over by a police car. Out steps a policewoman whom Rick recognizes as his ex-girlfriend from high school, Tina (Tamara Landry). She acts like she doesn’t recognize him, and is just very cold and professional. But when Rick realizes that he forgot to bring his wallet and driver’s license, she arrests him and takes him back to police HQ. There, the female office in charge takes Rick to a private cell, and strips his clothes off. And then Tina appears, wearing a sexy red negligee and forces Rick to lay down on the cot in the cell and then, basically, gets on top of him and rapes him. It’s pretty hot (& Rick enjoys it, of course). After she’s down she simply leaves the cell, and then the other officer comes back and tells him he’s free to go. 5 STARS

Lori Jo Hendrix returns, this time playing twin sisters Cindy and Sandy, who for years have a little game where one of them will go out with a guy and bring him back to their apartment and then the two of them will take turns having sex with the guy, with him not knowing that it’s too different women. The story is told by Cindy who has been out with Stewart (David Millbern) and has brought him home. When they start having sex Sandy secretly watches and then throughout the night the two ladies keep switching back and forth, but Cindy notices that for the first time she starts feeling a little jealous. And so the next morning she reveals the truth to Stewart, who is shocked (but happy), and Cindy says she’s just been with Stewart ever since and that she and Sandy don’t play that game anymore. FIVE STARS

Gina (Lisa Comshaw aka Tory Sinclair) tells a story of how she and her boyfriend Spike like to role-play during sex. So one night she arranged for them to be able to sneak into an actual courtroom, where she puts on a judges robe and pretends to be a judge, while Spike plays a defendant in her court, and they end up having sex on the judge’s bench. FOUR STARS

A great collection of scenes, but sadly the only one. I wish several more episodes (including at least two more with Lori Jo Hendrix) that I can remember were also available. But this one is good, and worth tracking down.

You can find the VHS on Amazon and the seller I bought the DVD from still has copies available on iOffer HERE and HERE

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  1. Hi, Mr Chace !

    You mentioned that Playboy’s Secret Confessions & Fantasies Tv Series. You have an accurate list this series and segments. I have a list by It have 39 epides including 2 segments. This is an accurate list or have other episode list. Doy you know whose actresses role each segments. I know that the segments 7-8 minutes video (including non-nudity – story and nudity scenes). I research this scenes – Robin Hood the Rescue, Bungie the Jungle, laundry fluff and fold, librarian discovers the Kamasutra, The Cat Burglar … Do you write this segments story ? Do you have this videos full segments ?

    Thank you for yor help πŸ™‚


    • Hello Bela!

      I’m afraid that this DVD collection is the only one available and therefor that is all I have and am able to review. I definitely wish there were more, because there were a lot more episodes that I would love re-watch. Just from the ones you mention, I remember the Cat Burglar one, and I like Laundry Fluff and Fold, but I don’t recall enough to be able to write review of them or say who was in them.


  2. Thank you to reply my message. I glad to remember this two episode – Cat Burgar and Laundry Fluff I Fold. Then I’m not the only one who remembers this episodes.

    I think if you are more episodes, I found a few sites, if you think you can send an e-mail. If perhaps you too will have you at some time. If the e-mail address will be published – write it!


  3. Sorry I wrote wrong. Unfortunately, I also do not have the other segments, specifically in the past had on VHS but unfortunately the quality is so bad that the computer can not be digitized and unwatchable.

    There is a page These three VHS tape in this address I will send you. Unfortunately currently available !!!

    That’s all I know, I hope you manage to get them


    • I’ve seen those three VHS tapes before. Those are just the same scenes as the DVD, the were released first on VHS with 2 scenes on each one, and then eventually they were all combined on one DVD.


  4. Hi Chace πŸ™‚

    You mentioned that you remenber several episodes.

    I can not find this segments my list. Is this segments real ?

    “Truckin” – this segment ?

    “Bungle in a Jungle” – It was about a woman setting up for a photoshoot, and then fantasising about the photographer.
    She imagined some kind of Tarzan jungle setting.

    and this

    “Biology Teacher” – Ashlie Rhey – Final Exam

    “Love Potion” – box ring episode with a beautiful woman who wear a necklace “love potion”

    “Phantom lover” – ?

    “Mystery Woman” – ?

    “This One’s for You” – ?

    “Fire Woman” – Angella Corner role a business woman, and spend a romatic dinner with friend

    “Travelling salesman” – maybe Andrea Dean plays a Country Girl

    Please reply,

    Many thanks πŸ™‚


    • Sorry, I can’t recall details just by titles. Keep in mind, this show was over 20 years ago, that’s a long time. This is why I’ve said that I wish the whole series was released on DVD, but that’s sadly not the case, and it doesn’t look like that will be happening.


  5. I remember this series well from my younger day it was late night soft porn….. my fav was The Morgue with a lovely asian lady with a front opening bra…. id love to be able to watch it again but sadly they dont seem to have any of this context available for purchase online….. anyone else have fond thoughts of this series?

    Liked by 1 person

      • I sent a email a few years ago to her website but never got a reply…. I thought she might have had it for sale… tried playboy throught their website and still the same no reply….. i thought they would still have them archived ..


  6. Hi, NZ Guy πŸ™‚

    I also find this series “Secret Confessions and Fantasies” Do you remember – librarian discovers the Kamasutra, The Cat Burglar – please reply


  7. Hi, Chase and NZ Guy πŸ™‚ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I recently found a site to recommend it – registrated with yourself and be free (e-mail adress) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Then registered the site – Seach – ‘playboy fantasies’ (Classic Playboy Chanell videos) – It have some old retro videos for example Secret Confessions !!!!!!!!!!

    Good Seach πŸ™‚

    Bela Nagy


  8. Hi, Chace πŸ™‚

    PB Secret Confessions & Fantasies – “Pen Pals” do you remember only the title Ashile Rhey role this segment ?


  9. I have a short story list of Playboy’s Secret Confessions & Fantasies – The date in Playboy TV aired. I hope useful list !!!

    1994. nov. 6 – An American Indian enjoys a rite of passage he never dreamed possible;

    longtime friends discover they more in common that they throught

    1993 dec. 19 – A young couple drink a love potion and become trasformed into gorgeus beings

    1994. jan 2 – A mystery writer is sent off on a wild treasure hunt when a box is left at his front door

    1995. oct. 15 – Woman’s fantasy gives off more than a campfire; laundry is a pleasure

    1995. nov. 26 – “The Cat Burglar” spices up couple’s sex life; “Air Plane” ride

    1995. sept. 24 – An artist gets lost in her work in “Kismet”; “Suprise” at party

    1995. sept 17 – Medieval love in “Surely, You Joust”; worn out after “Office Romance”

    1994. sept. 18 – Two spies have affair; a fitness trainer sweaty workout

    1995. okt. 15 – A handyman who knows how to use his tools; a wallflower gets pollinated

    1994. may 25 – A young man tries to capture the heart of an evil king’s daughter

    1996. apr. 7 – A laundry service man gets an erotic shampoo; a Madonna impersonator

    1994. july 24 – A cat burglar adds excitement to couple’s sex life

    1994. july 10 – A mystery man adds romance to a woman’s beach fantasy; a young man’s birthday present

    1993. sept. 5 – A theatre director’s fantasy comes to life when an aspiring actress gives him stage directors

    1993. aug. 8 and aug. 22 – A travelling salesman’s dream comes true when his favorite adult screen star comes off the screen;

    two disc jockeys learn how to increase both ratings…


    1994 febr. 27 – A blind sculptor uses his sense of touch discover a womans’s passion

    1993. sept. 19 – A romantic duet lead to an erotic crescendo; and a high school nerd and beauty queen reunite more than memories

    1993. july 18 and july 25 – “A jungle man” is taught the ropes of lovemaking; a high-school boy’s teacher is determinated to make him a man

    1994. march 6 – A biology teacher who focuses on the female anatomy

    1994. nov. 6 – An areobics instructor fantasizes about one of his students; a woman’s evening of seduction

    1993. nov. 28 – A snow storm stands a young man in his home with a beautiful caterer

    1994. jan. 30 – A woman’s fantasy comes true when she is the only working woman steel foundry


    1993. sept. 5 – A young man whose dream car appears at the auto salvage yard;

    an unsuspectig sister gets a special one-time gift form her brother-in-law

    1994.apr. 3 – A young woman releases her sexual energy on three life-size marble statuettes

    1994. jan 16 – Trouble erupts when twin sisters being to share everything – including their lovers

    1994. febr. 6 – A young woman fantasizes about being painted – literaly – by an artist

    1993. dec. 5 – A mysterious couple seduces a lingerie saleswoman

    1994. march 27 – A female airplane mechanic shows a chauvinistic pilot some new moves

    1993. july 18 – A schoolmam who is willing to ride off into the sunset with a desperado;

    a male stripper takes an assingment where he ends up being entertained

    1993. okt. 17 – A husband and his wife are given the opportunity to fullfill both of their sexual fantasies

    1993. okt. 24 and nov. 6 – A woman hires a detective to save her from a lovesick hoodium

    1994. apr. 17 – A young man is transported into word of Oriental beauty

    1993. june 27 – A tennis court repairman get into repair more than just the asphalt; a practical joke gets out of hand

    1994 march 6 and 1995. july. 23 – Teacher concentrates on female anatomy; businesswoman consummates deals



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