Aiden discovers the secret of his origin and powers but will an encounter with two shady men in black and the monsterous Boo Hoo derail his search for the truth?

Well, like I said before, I enjoyed ROBOY #1 well enough, so I figured I should go ahead and check out the rest of this series. We pick up soon after the big battle where Maddie and Aiden are back at Aiden’s house with his parentS. He’s been unconscious and is just coming to, with no memory of what happened. When Maddie tells him about manifesting superpowers he doesn’t believe it after first. But then his parents tell him the truth, which is that they used to be secret agents (they don’t say what Agency) and were on a mission to infiltrate some top secret lab and take whatever was in it. When they go their they found a baby alone on a table. They took it with them and decided to run away from the Agency and raise the baby in secret by themselves as their own son.

Which, incidentally, is similar to a scenario that I mapped out in my head years ago for an “Ultimate Superman” pitch. But I digress.

This knowledge freaks Aiden out and he takes off running, only to quickly be apprehending my a couple of “Men in Black” (well, a man and a woman) who force him into a car with them. Maddie follows them on her bike. But the car gets stopped when it’s blocked by BOO-HOO, which is hard to explain. I guess it’s a giant baby-doll which can also create a swarm of miniatures versions of itself, and it’s attacking the road, with folks running for their lives. Aiden escapes from the car and somehow activates his powers again, manifesting special armor and fighting back against BOO-HOO with several powers, just like before. Can he defeat the rampaging baby-doll? And what about those Men (& woman) in Black, who still want to recapture him? Tune in next issue to find out!

A solid issue. Writer Brandon Easton keeps the crazy concepts coming, and it’s all beautifully drawn in a sort of manga-style by Sendol Arts. There’s still a lot of mystery to unfold, and I’m curious to see how it develops. Chacebook rating: 4 STARS


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