Meet Avion Davis a world famous super model who’s been transformed by a Catalyst meteor into the horrific shambling monster called Terrain. He’s obsessed over reversing the effects and he’s willing to take out anyone that gets in his way and that includes QUINCREDIBLE!

Okay, so, as the promo said, we open in the mansion of Avion Davis, credited as being voted “5 time Sexiest Man In The World” he’s just informed that he’s gone broke after just paying for his 10th failed plastic surgery to reverse his transformation into a hideous Swamp Thing-like monster. He’s enraged and rushes out to find someone who can help him. Then we cut to Quinton, we finally see some of his friends. He meets up at school with a bunch of kids, a girl named Ivy whom he’s apparently good friends with and three guys who go by the name of Red, Shorts, and Jay. Plus a dude named Chase who Q (as they all call him) doesn’t get along with. They’re late, because they’ve been waiting for Q, to go see a speech by a prominent molecular biologist named Dr. Angela Grant.

They get to the speech which is already in progress, she’s talking about the super-powered “anomalies” that have come forward since the meteor shower that happened as a result of the events in Catalyst Prime #1 And then Avion (who never refers to himself as Terrain, despite what the promo says) bursts through the ground and tries to grab her, which forces Q to leap to her defense. So then we get a big back and forth battle that ends with a cliffhanger…TO BE CONTINUED.

Writer David Gorden does a pretty good job with the characterization here. Although I must admit that 5 issues into this series I’m still a little confused about the status quo. So Q is still in high school, but everyone knows he has super-powers and he’s trying to be a superhero? How does that work? There’s even a scene where it looks like him and that kid Chase are about to fight. Really? This guy is going to pick on Q even though he’s invulnerable now? And Q seemed to be ready to fight too, why would he bother now? These are questions I’d want to this series to start addressing as it moves forward. As for the art, Aurelio Mazzara steps in this issue and does a very good job, backed by the inking and coloring of Sai Studio, so absolutely no complaints there.

Chacebook rating: 4 STARS

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