Aiden battles it out with the powerful Mecha Eel while a mysterious man from his past observes his every move. Meanwhile Bolt Mighty attempts to deal with no longer being the only super hero in town and he’s not taking things well at all!

We open with the superhero BOLT MIGHTY, last seen in issue #1 watching a news report about Aiden’s battle against BOO-HOO in issue #2. The reporter praises Aiden, the “mysterious new hero” while questioning the absence of Bolt Mighty, causing even Bolt Mighty himself to wonder if he’s becoming obsolete. He hears a disturbance in the distance and takes to the sky, arriving upon a MECHA-EEL (a giant robotic eel, naturally) attacking the city, but Aiden is already on the scene. The majority of the rest of the issue is the battle between Aiden and the Eel, which also has the ability to shoot lasers and flames from its mouth. Aiden utilizes a bunch of his new abilities (including flight, super-strength, body-shield, and the ability to split himself into a bunch of miniaturized versions of himself -mini-me’s-, which he discovered last issue) to defeat the monster. When the battle is over, the police cheer for Aiden and call him “Roboy” for the fist time. But Bolt Mighty has watched the whole thing and is very angry that Roboy has stolen his glory. This could be trouble…

Another fun issue from writer Brandon Easton. Although the majority of the credit for this issue must go to whomever it is that makes up SENDOL ARTS, since this is mostly an action-issue, and they draw it beautifully. Just great work all around. Chacebook rating: 4 STARS


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