There’s a new Roboy in town and it’s not Aiden. But if it’s not Aiden then who is it? Worse the new Roboy leads Aiden right into an epic confrontation with Bolt Mighty. Meanwhile the mysterious Gepetto makes his move!

The creative team of writer Brandon Easton and art-team Sendol Arts return for another action-packed issue. It opens in an mysterious lab where a man (the promo calls him Gepetto, but he’s not actually named in this issue is building a robot duplicate of Aiden. Back at Aiden’s home he and Maddie are looking up his background on the internet, finding a surprising amount of information of his power-source, and it’s connection to a company called Linkcorp. But then the internet goes out, and they see on TV that the duplicate of Aiden is attacking the Linkcorp. HQ building downtown. The police are helpless to stop the robot, and Aiden rushes to the scene. But Bolt Mighty is already there and, as we saw last issue, is eager to prove that he’s the real hero of the city. A battle ensues between Bolt Mighty and the duplicate, with Bolt Mighty as the victor. But when Aiden tries to reason with Bolt Mighty, the hero just assumes that Aiden is another evil duplicate and now another fight begins between Bolt Mighty and the real ROBOY!

Again, much credit to Sendol Arts for their beautiful depiction of the action in this issue. Easton gives them much to illustrate, lasers blasts, building collapsing, etc. Story-wise, there’s a few holes. Like where the heck are Aiden’s parents? We haven’t seen them since issue #2. Not to mention the “men in black” who tried to kidnap Aiden in that issue. They know where he lives, so why haven’t they come back? And there’s the fact that, as I said, Gepetto is identified only in the promo for this issue, not the issue itself. Hopefully these details will be filled in and explained soon in future episodes of this series. We’ll see.

Chacebook rating: 3 STARS


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