THE MYSTERY OF ROBOY IS REVEALED! The mad cyborg Gepetto tells Roboy the story of his creation and how Gepetto tragically lost his humanity. Now, Gepetto wants to turn Roboy into the ultimate weapon of vengeance and only Aiden’s soul stands in the way of Gepetto’s diabolical plan. With time running out, Aiden’s parents attempt a rescue but when they arrive, the child they called Aiden might be a dangerous new entity bent on the destruction of all mankind. The final battle is upon us…

The promo pretty much says it all. Gepetto captured Roboy at the end of the last issue. We pick up this issue with Roboy immobilized and held captive in Gepetto’s secret lab. Gepetto reveals that he invented the technology that LinkCorp. uses to create Roboy and now Gepetto plans to get revenge be destroying the company and everyone who works for it, but he needs to drain Roboy’s “special energy”, which will also destroy Roboy for good.

I don’t want to spoil too much, but Roboy’s parents (whom we haven’t seen since issue #2, and here we learn their names are Venus and Chase Cross) show up in their old secret agent outfits in the nick of time to save Roboy. Maddie is with them too, for no discernible reason. They help put Roboy back together and then he insists that they leave to he can take on Gepetto, who is revealed to be a cyborg too with some kind of half-spider body, by himself. And this issue ends with the big cliffhanger of the “final battle” between Roboy and Gepetto about to begin….

Another fine, if not spectacular, issue. Writing-wise, I have to say that Maddie’s appearance makes no sense, and it was convenient for Roboy’s parents to show up when they did, but I’m fine with that, but then having them leave seems to defeat the point. I like Gepetto’s characterization, very classic mad scientist super villain-type. And the art, as usual, is splendid.

Chacebook rating: 3 STARS

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