The creative team of writer Brandon Easton and art-team Sendol Arts return to bring us this conclusion to this series. I’ll admit that I thought that in the last couple of issues the story suffered a bit from too much randomness. But this issue brings it to a mostly satisfying “conclusion” (I put that in quotes because it’s still left open for possible future adventures).

I don’t want to spoil this, but we get the final battle between Gepetto and Roboy, with reappearances from BOO-HOO from issue #2 and MECHA-EEL from issue #3. Someone dies, and the secret behind what LinkCorp. did to Gepetto and Roboy is revealed. And, as usual, it’s all drawn beautifully by Sendol Arts. Overall this was an interesting series. As I said when I first picked it up it’s not my usual type of comic, but I’m glad that I eventually picked it up and checked it out. Bottom line: it’s a FUN book.

Overall I recommend the Roboy series with a Chacebook rating of 4 STARS


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