Meet MAYURI “MO” O’CONNOR a gifted robot pilot that attends the Armored Champion Summer program to test out fighting robots. Little does she know that the program is actually a smokescreen for the United Earth Defense Corp. to find the one person in the world who can sync with and pilot their greatest creation the super robot known as, TRIMAXX. Now Mo is presented with the ultimate opportunity but she has to make a decision quick as an ancient alien menace has returned to take over the Earth! Its action, adventure, and thrills as the Earth’s armored champion finally rises to take on all challengers!

This is a series published by Lion Forge Comics, written by David Gorden, whose other comics, like Quincredible, Accel, and Rampage Jackson: Street Soldier I’ve enjoyed in the past, so I figured I’d finally check this book out, too.

The promo listed above pretty much gives you the plot.  This is set in the future, 2055, and we’re quickly introduced to our main protagonist, Mo. No age is given, but she appears to be a teenager. She’s at a secret base in Nevada taking place in this training program, which she thinks is testing for a video game. But then she meets Dr. Alexandria Cruz and Dr. Hamilton (no first name given), who tell her the truth behind the program. Through flashbacks we learn how many years earlier the Earth was attacked by an invading alien race called the Mechani who were finally beaten back thanks in large part to the efforts of a superhero named Invincible Joe, whom we also meet. But Joe was severely injured in the battle, and so Trimaxx, the giant robot battlesuit, was developed as a means of defense in case the Mechani were to return, and now Mo is the first person they believe has the right skills to pilot the suit. And just as Mo is trying to figure out if she wants to accept that responsibility, the Mechani returns! Uh oh…

A fun little story, with a decent mix of characterization and action scenes. Gorden takes us right into the middle of the story while giving us just the right amount of background info to get us caught up.  And the artwork by Sendol Arts easily invokes the Manga style that it was clearly intended to, fitting the storyline perfectly. A great first issue.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

available on Amazon

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