Mo makes the biggest decision of her life but will syncing with Trimaxx guarantee a victory? Or will Mo’s inexperience come back to haunt her as she and Trimaxx battle a cunning and powerful Mechani harbinger?

Picking up immediately after the events of the first issue, the Earth Defense Force has learned that the Mechani have returned and destroyed a space station on the edge of the solar system on route to Earth, just as Mo has been told that she’s Earth’s only hope for survival by piloting the Trimaxx robot. Understandable the girls is totally freaking out about this, not feeling ready for this type of responsibility. But after a pep talk from Invincible Joe, Mo decides that she’s ready. Getting into the robot and synching with it just in time to confront  a harbinger, which is a big robotic scorpion machine that the Mechani have sent to attack France. Most of the 2nd half of the issues is a non-stop action-packed battle of machines.

Writer David Gorden does a good job in both the characterization and the action. Mo’s fears and insecurities feel natural, as is the inspiring speech from Invincible Joe. And then the action in the big battle between Trimaxx and the Harbinger is exciting and easy to follow. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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