This film was released in 1983 by TVX Films. Directed by Edwin Brown (aka Edwin Durrell), who also co-wrote the script with his wife Summer Brown, this is sort of a science fiction porn film, which was a relatively unique concept at the time.

Richard Pacheco stars as Walter Brooks, an average married man with a boring life, but an active imagination. In the opening scene Walter’s driving to work, when he sees a pretty girl (the luscious Dorothy LeMay) walking on the street. And he has a vivid daydream that she takes him back to her place and seduces him. When the scene is over its back to reality. Walter gets to his office, where he works as a travel agent. Then a kindly old man (Misha Garr) who calls himself Meyer, or “Miracle Meyer” walks in, and tells Walter that “someone” told him that Walter wants some excitement in his life, and he can offer it to him. He gives Walter a card and tells him to meet him at the address printed on in that afternoon. Walter thinks the man is probably nuts, but goes there anyway. He goes to an old warehouse where Meyer apparently lives, he’s sitting on a sofa watching TV. Meyer shows Walter a strange device which he swears is a time machine, which can take Walter anywhere in history, for $10. And all he has to do is shout out Meyer’s name when he wants to be brought back to the present. As crazy as it sounds, Walter agrees to try it out.

The next thing you know, Walter is in Ancient Egypt, standing in the court of Cleopatra (Starr Wood). Cleopatra finds him attractive, and commands him to have sex with her, which Walter happily obeys. Cleopatra remains in charge during this scene, telling Walter how to kiss her, to lick her breasts, then eat her pussy, and then getting on top of him to ride him. Afterward Walter tries to warn her about her future. She doesn’t believe him, and tries to have her guards arrest him for “making false prophecies”. Walter shouts for Meyer, who brings him back to the present.

That night Walter is back at home having dinner with his wife and visiting mother-in-law (Samantha Fox and Shu Garr), both of whom think he’s acting a little strange.

The next day, Walter goes back to Meyer for another trip in the time machine. This time Meyer sends him back to see Juliet (who didn’t really exist, but nevermind). Walter is in Juliet’s bedroom while she was waiting for Romeo, and he seduces her instead. This time Walter is more in charge, as Juliet is an innocent virgin, and he shows her what to do. Just as the sex is over, Romeo bursts into the room with sword. Walter calls for Meyer who brings him back, but Juliet was holding him at the time, so she came with him.

The next scene we see Walter and Meyer talking about Juliet. Walter set her up in motel, but he says the problem is that Juliet doesn’t want to go back to her time. She wants to stay in the present. Also, according to Walter, Juliet has become a bit of nymphomaniac, and just wants to have sex with Walter all the time, and he’s having trouble keeping up with her. Meyer convinces him to just get Juliet to come to the warehouse so he can send her back.

Walter goes to the motel, and finds Juliet waiting for him in trashy lingerie. She tells him she got a job as a stripper at a local bar. Then introduces him to another woman called “Sunshine” (Gina Gianetti), a fellow stripper, and they want to have a threesome, so Juliet can experience another woman. Walter tries to resist, but when the women strip naked and start making out on the bed, Walter sits on a chair and watches them for a few minutes, before finally stripping off his own clothes and joining in. Once it’s over there’s a knock on the door, and three more people from the strip club come in (Lynn Franciss, Mai Lin, & Billy Dee), and the party continues as a big group sex scene, as Walter has sex again with Sunshine and one of the other women on the bed, while Juliet joins the other man and woman in a threesome on a chair.

Meanwhile, Meyer is pacing back and forth back at the warehouse, wondering where Walter and Juliet are. He manages to find out what motel they’re staying at and calls them, reminding Walter of the urgency of getting Juliet back. We don’t see how, but Walter finally manages to get Juliet back to the time machine, and they send Juliet back to the past. Walter tells Meyer that next time he needs to see a woman with more sophistication. So Meyer tells him to come back tomorrow and he’ll send him to see Mata Hari.

That night, after falling asleep in bed with his wife, Walter has a dream where he goes back and time and has sex with Mata Hari (Nicole Black). The next night, when Walter goes to see Meyer, he says that he’s decided that where he really wants to go is back to his own wedding day. He wants to start over with his wife, and re-experience their honeymoon. So that’s the final scene, of Walter and his wife, Arlene, in their hotel after their wedding, making love for the “first” time. While back in the present, Meyer is on a date with Arlene’s mother-in-law. The End.

A really great and fun little movie. This was made back in the days when porn films were actual films, and you can see the difference. Places like Walter’s office and Meyer’s warehouse are filmed at actual locations. And you can see that the actors were choses as much for their acting ability, as well as for their ability to have sex on camera. Richard Pacheco in particular really does an excellent job as Walter. He makes the character feel like a relatable “everyman.” Likewise Misha Garr is a lovable old coot as Meyer. As for the sex scenes (the real reason that we watch these films) all of the women are attractive. As per the times, there are no fake body parts, they’re all natural (and that includes full bush). The one on one sex scenes are shorter, compared to now, but likewise feel more “real”, as if we’re actually watching people making love, not just going through the motions. A couple of scenes have no pop shots, and those that due are just on the butts or vaginas (no facials). The story flows well, with a “romantic” ending. I highly recommend it. CHACEBOOK RATING: 5 STARS


I’ve only recently discovered that there was a sequel released three years later. I’m trying to track down a copy so I can see it (and review), but the only place I’ve found it, it’s currently more expensive than my porn-budget will allow.

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