Erica Lynne Is Badd

I had a conversation with someone recently about celebrity sex tapes, and amateur porn in general. It’s hard to believe now that somehow Kim Kardashian was able to turn the notoriety she got from a “leaked” sex tape into a billion-dollar industry not only revolving around her but her entire immediate family. I was saying how most of the celebrity sex tapes I’ve seen, including the Kim/Ray J tape, are pretty lame, which is my opinion of most amateur porn general. Porn really should be left to the professionals. There’s one and only one celebrity sex tape that I ever actually bought, although the definition of “celebrity” is stretched pretty thin here. This is a minor-celebrity sex tape.

Very very very minor. Let me explain what I mean and why I bought this one.

BAD GIRLS CLUB was a so-called reality show that aired on the Oxygen Network for 17 seasons, from December 2006 (when the first season began) to May 2017 (when the seventeenth season ended). Most seasons were 10 episodes, with some only 8, and one was 16. The premise of the show was on showing “the altercations and physical confrontations of seven highly aggressive, quarrelsome, and unruly women. Each of the women would tend to have psychological and behavioral problems. Mischievously sexual and rascally moments are also captured among the women. All seven women typically have different backgrounds and personalities. They are introduced to the show based on their capacity to be a “charismatic, tough chick.” The cast, deemed “bad girls”, would enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in a fine mansion for three months, during which they had to obey specified rules. Their lives inside and outside of the house were chronicled and recorded by a production team.” Wikipedia

I don’t recall how, or for what I reason, but I discovered and started watching this show in it’s 5th season, which debuted in August 2010. I guess I was home flipping through channels one day and came across this show and got intrigued. One site has referred to this season as the second highest-rated season in the show’s history, with another site ranking it as the 5th “best” season (out of 17, that’s not bad). Both have noted the season’s “controversies” (mostly about a cast member making some racist comments), which ended it making it the only season that Oxygen never re-ran. This was also the first season placed somewhere other than Los Angeles, which is where the first 4 and last 5 seasons, as well as season #6, took place. This season was filmed in Miami.

I’ll admit, probably the main reason I stuck with this season was because of one particular cast member.

Erica Langston, from Anaheim California, 25 years old at the time the season was filmed. She was a hot little number. She lasted the entire season, without getting kicked out. During the show, she met and started dating a Black dude named Adrian.

So, yeah, I admit that I watched the show because I thought she was hot. And after the season ended she went into the “urban modeling” business, as Erica Lynne, and  I made a point of checking out any magazine I could find her in.

You gotta admit, for a White girl, she has one Hell of an ass!

Now, supposedly, during the filming of the show Erica and Adrian filmed themselves having a threesome with another Bad Girls Club cast member. There is some speculation that the other girl was Danielle Rosario, although that’s never been confirmed (I just like to mention it so you can imagine how that would look...).

So after the season ended Erica Lynne decided to try to go the sex tape route to gain further fame. But since the “other girl” wouldn’t agree to sell the threesome tape, Erica Lynne and Adrian made a deal to sell another video with just the two of them, that they filmed while the Bad Girls Club cast were on a trip to Jamaica, and sold it to Vivid Entertainment who, in May 2011, just under six months after the season ended, released the tape as ERICA LYNNE IS BADD. And when I heard that, I just had to get the DVD.

So how is it? Well, it’s about 2 hours long And out of that, there’s maybe 20 minutes of actual fucking (I didn’t actually time it). In other words, for a sex tape, it’s pretty light on the sex.

They filmed this mostly with a handheld camera, so most of the time you’re getting POV shots from one or the other. They also have a stationary camera that they set up to film the two of them in some scenes. They spend some time in a hot tub, but that’s mostly him rubbing and sucking on her feet and then her blowing him.  There’s a lot of scenes of Erica Lynne walking around of lying on the bed by herself either nude or in lingerie. At one point she licks and sucks on a penis-shaped candy cane. Then she rubs it on her pussy, after which Adrian licks her to see if how her pussy tastes. Then she asks him to get a wet cloth to wipe her pussy off, and so we’re left seeing Erica Lynne laying on the bed by herself for a couple of minutes while he does that. Then he finally puts his cock in her, but she’s holding the handheld camera, so first we see a close up of his dick in her pussy, then of his face. He ties her hands to the bed and gets on top of her, but at first she seems bored, literally shouting at him to come on and fuck her good already. He says she needs to shut her ass him and she replies “shut my ass up!” The one time it looks good as he fucks her only lasts less than 5 minutes. She later gets on top of him, but against that’s also just for a few minutes. It all leads up to the ending where she holds the camera to close up on his dick in his hand as he jacks off.

It’s just really not sexy. It’s somewhat surprising since this was obvious deliberately made for the public, you’d think they’d try to do a better job to make it look good, especially since they were an actual couple so, presumably, they should enjoy having sex together, they’re not just a couple of pornstars acting for the camera. But that just makes my point, a couple of amateurs goofing around with the camera just isn’t sexy. I’d rather they had a director and professional camera crew telling them what to do and editing it to make it look natural. I think she could have been a fantastic XXX film star, or even if she’d gone into softcore films, while she had the chance, that could have been hot. Ultimately, this was a waste of money. Chacebook rating: TWO STARS

MIAMI BEACH, FL – MAY 20: Erica Lynne attends EXXXOTICA Miami Beach at the Miami Beach Convention Center on May 20, 2011 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images)

So for the rest of the year, Erica Lynne and Adrian promoted their DVD. She said in a VladTV interview that she wouldn’t be doing any more porn. She also appeared in two uncensored music videos for WorldStar Hip Hop where she strips and dances to the songs 6 Foot 7 by Lil Wayne and UP! by LoveRance

Sadly, her relationship with Adrian was not forever love. By January 2012 the two of them broke up, and Erica Lynne had to get his a tattoo of his name removed from her body. I haven’t been able to find any info on Adrian and what he’s been up to since then.

Later that year in another interview, Erica Lynne talked about trying to get into Playboy Magazine but “they don’t like thick girls with tattoos,” and how Vivid had been wanting her to do another sex tape, this time with a girl (she said she’d do one with Alexis Texas). Well, in June of that year, she made her second appearance on a so-called reality TV show.

FOURSOME ran on Playboy TV between 2006 and 2012. It was a show where four single people, two men and two women, would be brought to a mansion where they’d stay for 24 hours and basically we’d watch them play various sexual games and then hopefully hook up. Sometimes the cast members would be actual porn stars, as I remember seeing Kendra Lust on an episode, although she was credited under her real name Michelle, with her occupation listed as a nurse. It was said that cast members were paid $500 to appear on the show, and a willingness to get naked was required, but no one was actually paid to have sex, and not each did have sex on the show (Kendra ended up leaving during the night).

Well, Erica appeared alongside porn star Scarlett Fay (credited as Maggie) and two men credited as just Michael and Trent.

Despite some initial flirting with Scarlett, who was clearly interested in her, Erica Lynne did not get into any girl/girl action with her. But at the end of the night, she got into bed with Trent. And although they don’t show explicit penetration, it’s clear from some of the close-ups that they’re really fucking (and without a condom).

The funny thing is, when it’s over, Trent says the sex was “hot” while Erica Lynne says it was “average,” and adds “I put on an award-winning performance.” Well, frankly, if you watch the video, she certainly seems like she’s enjoying it. She actually seems to be enjoying it a lot more than the sex with Adrian in her DVD. So, yeah, if she was acting, she was very good! It makes me wish even more that she went into softcore films.

After that it looks like she worked making paid public appearances at clubs and concerts, utilizing her reality show/sex tape fame/infamy for a couple of years.

And she shot lots and lots and lots and lots of modeling pictures.

In June 2014, she got some internet backlash for some comments she made on her Facebook page about women breastfeeding in public. But that’s the last “newsworthy” thing I can see about her. Sometime after that, it looks like she retired from “show business” and is now just working and possibly going to school. She looks happy, so good for her.

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