Passion Cove: Best Friends


Written by Karen O’Hara and directed by John Quinn,  this episode stars Amanda Prentice (who’d previously starred in Enchanted Weekend) as Margoe, who begins the episode catching her boyfriend Tony (Frank Mercuri) in bed with another woman (Celeste Sheeley).


Margoe and Drew were planning to spend a weekend at the Passion Cove house with Margoe’s best friend Drew (Eric Acsell who appeared in In Too Deep)  and Drew’s girlfriend Linda (Caroline Key Johnson). Not wanting to ruin the weekend, she doesn’t tell Drew about Tony when he shows up, pretending he’s just working. The two friends hang out on the beach and catch up, and then Linda shows up. It turns out that Linda only came to have “goodbye sex” with Drew and then dump him, which she does, and then leaves. With Margoe and Drew alone now, Margoe confesses to Drew about what really happened with Tony, the friend commiserate with each and, no surprise, end up in bed together (well, more accurately, the end up on the beach together, that’s where they have sex).

This is another just average episode of the series. We get three full sex scenes, the opener between Frank Mercuri and Celeste Sheeley (which is the best scene in the episode), and then Eric Acsell and Caroline Key Johnson and finally Acsell and Amanda Prentice, plus there’s a scene where Prentice performs a sex striptease. They’re all pretty standard by the numbers softcore sex scenes, and the story is one of the more predictable ones, like of course the two platonic friends of the opposite sex are going to end up together, so there’s no surprise there. Not a bad episode, but not one of the series’ bests.

Chacebook rating: THREE STARS

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