Well, as I said before, I would not have gotten this issue if I had gotten and read issue #1 by itself first. But since I bought them together, already paid for and in my possession, I might as well read it and see if perhaps the story picks up?

Long story short: No. No, it doesn’t.

The biggest problem is that, once again, we get no information about The Christ, ostensibly the lead character of this series. He only barely appears in this issue, with no dialog. Instead, we get a lot of pages of various people talking.

Well, there’s also some fucking, if that interests you. But there’s no nudity in this book, it’s all just implied, so it doesn’t even work as an “erotic” comic.

The assassin from the first issue, referred to only as “Number 1”, meets with someone who has somehow managed to bug a private meeting of “the twelve”, a group of advisors to The Christ. For some reason, most of these people all have horrible criminal backgrounds. Later Number 1 meets with some woman in a bar, and they go to a hotel and have sex. Apparently, she’s an assassin too, as while they have sex they compare notes about their various kills. I don’t know what the point of any of that is.

One of the 12 is Larry McManus, it’s said that he used to rape children. He’s staying in some apartment complex in Torrance and we see that he’s tempted by some local girls sunning by the pool in bikinis. I guess the inference is they’re supposed to be underage, and thus Larry’s struggle to resist temptation is important, but they’re all drawn to look like adult women, so the impact is lessened. Larry is the man who met with the anchorwoman last issue, he ends up calling her back and they have sex in exchange for Larry arranging for her to interview The Christ.

There’s some other stuff, but I just can’t go on. It’s all very dull. Nothing significant happens in this issue, and I was bored out of my mind reading it. No rating here, just Hard Pass.


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