Cyborg Hookers (aka Bikini Model Mayhem)

cyborg hookers

Filmed back in January, and originally released under the title Bikini Model Mayhem (which it is still listed as on IMDB), this would appear to be the first film from new writer/director Sal V. Miers, whose 2nd film Bad Girls Behind Bars I have already reviewed. Although women typically get top billing in these films, this is a rare film in which I’d say the rightful “star” is Andy Espinoza Long, who has a more significant role, and seems to have more screen time (although it’s not like I timed it), than anyone else.

Long stars as Senator G.W. Bushwacker, a corrupt man who is currently running for Governor. The premise is that he has enlisted a mad scientist (played by Ted Newsom), to create life-like androids in the form of beautiful women, whom he sets out to seduce his political rivals and ruin their careers. Katie Morgan plays one of the androids, named Augustina. But when she malfunctions after having sex with one man, Bushwacker and his scientist figure out how to fix her. Cindy Starfall plays Briana, a 2nd Cyborg whom Bushwacker sends to seduce his other rival while Augustina is being repaired.

Meanwhile, Jacqui Holland plays Megan, a woman who works for Bushwacker’s campaign, unaware of the Senator’s true evil nature. She lives with her boyfriend Michael, played by Robby Echo, who also works for the campaign, although he doesn’t seem to be quite as enthusiastic about it. Eventually Bushwacker sets his sights on Megan, and plots to break up her and Michael (by sending both Briana and a now-repaired Augustina to simultaneously seduce him), so that Bushwacker can then seduce Megan.

Will Bushwacker’s plan succeed? Will he win the election? NO SPOILERS!

There are 7 sex scenes in this film, 4 of which are B/G. We get the opening scene between Katie Morgan and Eric Masterson, who plays one of the candidates running against Bushwacker. They have sex in a hotel room on a bed. As both a longtime hardcore and softcore film veteran, you can always count on Masterson to give his all in making his scenes look realistic, and he and Katie do a good job together her. Ryan Driller, likewise a very a good actor himself, plays the 3rd candidate in the race, and he has a pretty good scene with Cindy Starfall in his office, first in his chair and then on his desk. Jacqui Holland has two B/G scenes, one with her and Robby Echo on a couch, and then one with Long on a desk (spoiler alert: that scene with Long turns out to be a dream sequence, as Bushwacker imagines having sex with Megan, which makes him start plotting to do it for real).

Then there’s a lesbian scene between Morgan and Cindy, after the Doctor fixed Augustina and wanted to test out of she was working properly again. And then there’s the aforementioned threesome with both of those ladies and Robby Echo, which takes place in a public bathroom. And then the final scene is a 4-way, but I don’t want to say whom the participants were, as that might spoil some of the outcome of the story. You’ll just have to watch it yourself, but let me say it’s a good scene.

In my previous film review, I criticized some of Miers’ choices in regards to how he filmed the sex scenes, but I don’t have any  of those complaints here. This is a good batch of scenes, and since this is what we all watch these films for (right?), then that’s all that really matters in the end. Actually, only main complaint would be that the seductive Sarah Hunter appears in this film, but she has no sex scene in it! She just has a minor speaking role, as Driller’s character’s secretary. Talk about a waste!

Anyway, as the star, Andy Espinoza Long does a very good job playing the smarmy Senator. I’ve noticed since his Softcore debut (in College Coeds Vs. Zombie Housewives) he seems to have gained a rabid female fanbase, and I have no doubt that they will be happy with his performance here. But I do think the plot of this film had a greater potential than it was shown.  And, cast-wise, the weak link is Starfall. She’s fine when having sex, but in her dialog scenes she’s not much of an actress.  Holland continues to grow as a performer in each film I see her in. But overall this is a good effort, worth watching.

Chacebook rating: 4 and a half STARS



Note: The DVD doesn’t contain any real extras, just includes the trailers for this film and for the Bad Girls Behind Bars.

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  1. This was a great review! I am new to the genre but I saw this on Cinemax late one night and been googling it and other films like it. I would like to see more flicks similar to this one. Is Andy Long in a lot of them? He was great, I wish he had more nude scenes tho. Thx!


    • Hey, Kia, thanks for reading! As for Andy, this is the 4th film that I’ve reviewed that he’s been in. that are available on DVD (or for legal digital download). At lot of softcore films don’t always get official releases theses days You can click on the link in his name when I first mention him earlier in the review and it will take you to all the posts on Chacebook that he’s tagged in.


  2. Love this review! I actually enjoyed this film quite a bit. I love the final scene, I wish they had even more scenes with Andy but it was a step in the right direction. You always write such fun reviews! I told my girlfriends about this movie, they have been watching it on Cinemax lol. I will tell them about your blog =)


    • Hey Jen! I was wondering if you were still around, your Twitter has been active in almost year. Thanks for reading the review, glad you liked it. And, yes, I remember early on that you were quite a fan of Andy, so I’m not surprised that you’re happy with his performance in this film.


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