PASSION’S DESIRE (aka Animal Attraction II)

passion's desire

Written by Helen Haxton and directed by Mike Sedan this 1999 film (which has also been released as Animal Attraction II  ) stars Jeff Davis as Mark, an agent for authors. Mark lives with his girlfriend Cindy (Lori Morrissey), and with Jill (Amy Lindsay) who we learn has been friends with Mark since high school. Jill is a fashion photographer with her own little studio in Mark and Cindy’s large house. She’s also a lesbian.

Mark is under pressure at work to sign Donna (Lisa Comshaw), a successful romance author. It turns out that Donna is actually Mark’s ex-fiance, whom he left at the altar because he says she spied on him and cheated on him. And, apparently, her recent and most successful book is based on that experience. She meets with Mark and is coy about signing with him, but she also seems to want him back. Throughout the film the two of them have several scenes where they almost start to have sex but he always stops before it goes too far.

And then it turns out that Jill is not really gay. She lied about being gay so that Mark wouldn’t find out that she’s secretly in love with him and would allow her to rent a room in his and Cindy’s house. She’s scared to tell Mark the truth because she thinks he’ll be mad and will kick her out. And right now she and Mark are so close that they even take naked bubble baths together (because that’s what platonic friends do, right?).  Even after Jill gets photographic proof of Cindy cheating on Mark (with a male model named Greg, played by Lance Moseley), she’s afraid to show him the pictures and tell him the truth.

I have to stop there. Frankly, this film is a mess. The women in this film are attractive, but even they couldn’t save this meandering plot. It’s apparently extremely important that Mark sign Donna, but it’s never clear why. And, strangely, nobody else seems to know about his and Donna’s history, you’d think that’s something one of them would mention when she’s in the office. Everyone except Mark seems to know that Cindy is no good for him, and tells him that. I could never tell if Donna really wanted him back or just wanted some kind of revenge. And there was just nothing about Mark that suggests why all these different women want him (certainly not why Jill would go through such extreme lengths just to be near him). I was just bored, and halfway through the film I ended up just fast-forwarding to the sex scenes.

So, in addition to the scene with Mosely and Morrissey, Davis and Morrissey have two hot scenes together. Davis does also have sex scenes with Comshaw and Lindsay (so, yes, SPOILER ALERT, I guess, Mark and Jill end up together after all). Lindsay also has a sex scene with Mosely (even though she was still pretending to be gay at the time, nevermind). Ahmo Hight has a small role in the film, playing a competing agent who tries to sign Donna before Mark can, and her character is notable for the fact that in every scene she’s in she’s wearing very tight tops with her erect nipples visibly poking through. She has a sex scene with Steve Curtis

The scenes are okay, but not enough to make up for the dull plot and slow pacing of the film. I can’t really recommend this. Chacebook rating: 2 STARS


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