Lisa Comshaw aka Fawna aka Tory/Tori Sinclair – R.I.P.

Feb.18, 1964 – Feb. 10(?) 2020

This is post I’ve been waiting to write since Monday, when I first heard that she was dead, via a post on Twitter. I wanted to know for sure before I posted anything, but I couldn’t find any confirmation or details on the news. I still don’t know much, although it does seem to be confirmed that she is gone, possibly due to a stroke, which would be quite surprising as she was only just about to turn 56. But I’ll take it as a fact for now, and just thought I’d pay my respects.



This woman used many names during the course of her acting and modeling career, which IMDB lists as lasting from 1990 to 2010. Lisa Comshaw is the name I mostly recognize her by, as that’s how she was credited in most of her softcore roles, although it looks like she may have the most credits under Tory or Tori Sinclair, which she primarily used for her appearances in boxing/wrestling/fetish videos. She also frequently used “Fawna” as a name, along with a couple of others that were only used once or twice. But whatever name you knew her buy, I’m sure she made an impression on you, as she did on me, as she was one smoking hot woman!





To date, I have posted reviews of seven softcore films and TV shows that she appeared in. Starting with 1997’s Confessions of a Lap Dancer, and continuing with Sexual Matrix, Playboy’s Secret Confessions, Lolida 2000, Passion’s Desire, The Erotic House of Wax and Casting Couch. Whether her role was big or small, she always stood out. Not only was she gorgeous, with her fiery red hair, she came from the era where softcore actors were generally required to act, not just look good and be willing to get nude on camera. She was a good actress, equally convincing playing an innocent young woman or a conniving seductress. I think if she’d chosen to pursue it she could have made it in “mainstream” films. I see her credits include roles on the TV shows Silk Stalkings and Renegade. But the mainstream’s loss was the softcore genre’s gain, as she is definitely a Hall of Famer in that industry, as far as I’m concerned.  And I am definitely sad to hear of her passing. I just hope that her final days were happy, and I offer my condolences to her family and friends.


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  1. Did she use the name Fawna to generate confusion because she was a lookalike for 35th Anniversary Playmate Fawna Maclaren even though both have credits on Playboy videos in the nineties?


    • Interesting question. I was unaware of this other woman, but I just looked her up. The resemblance is slight, in my opinion. But I see that the IMDB for Fawna Maclaren actually credits her for the role that Lisa played in the 1995 Playboy movie “LOVER’S LEAP,” which I’ve reviewed on this blog. I’m going to guess that Lisa’s early use of the name “Fawna” (IMDB first credits her using it in some bondage video in 1991) is what lead to some later confusion by the people at the site and they got the two mixed up and miscredited Fawna Maclaren for Lisa’s role. I doubt Lisa’s choice had anything to do with the other. Women in this line of work tend to use multiple different names during their careers.


    • She was also in a movie called “Fatal Passion” which was from 1995. She was blonde in the movie and smoking hot. It is actually free and UNCUT on youtube (youtube actually has a surprising amount of nudity/softcore if you look up “erotica”). Look up: “Fatal Passion (1995).” If you find the video—> Best sex scene with Lisa @ 20:45.

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  2. Lisa also did a softcore lesbian video where with adult actress Nikki LOREN,, it involved a lot of wrestling on a motel room bed and was described as a TRIB sex tape. A search of Nikki Loren should enable you to find it if you want to!.

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