LOLIDA 2000 (aka O Lita 2000)


When I first saw this film back in 1998 it was titled O Lita 2000, although the lead character in film, played by Jacqueline Lovell, is credited as “Lolita.” But when released on DVD it was renamed Lolida 2000. So there you go.

Directed by Cybil Richards (under the name Sybil Richards), who also co-wrote it with Lucas Riley, the film is set at an undetermined time in the future. The premise is that all erotic materials have been banned by the ruling government, dubbed “The Society.” Lolita used to be a loyal employee of The Society, tasked with deleting erotica. But in a brief flashback we see that one day while deleting some erotica on a computer she accidentally started watching it instead, and got turned on (brief masturbation scene). She decided to steal a bunch of CD-Roms (remember, although it’s the future, the film was actually made in 1997) which the erotica was stored on and went into hiding. Now she covertly sends out broadcasts of this illegal erotica for people to watch it. The conceit of the film is that it is all one of her broadcasts, from some hidden room (she might actually be in a spaceship, it’s not clear), she’s speaking to “us,” the audience, as she introduces three different erotic vignettes.

In the first one, which appears to take place in the then-present of 1998, Gabriella Hall stars as a woman named Sherri who has recently started having weird flashes where she sort of blacks out, and then starts acting agitated. They eventually become overwhelming to her, and she’s sent to mental hospital, where a doctor suggests that she may be suffering from repressed memories and offers to hypnotize her to see if she’ll remember them. First Sherri remembers her last happy memory with her boyfriend Tom (Eric Acsell). They make love in their apartment one night, after which he proposes to her and she accepts. Unfortunately, in this scene, it’s very dark, it takes place at night, and the room is only lighted by candles, so you can’t see that much. That’s a huge shame, as Hall is always smoking hot. In another hypnotic session, Sherri remembers being abducted by aliens (whom we never fully see, just some shots of a pair of green hands with long nails). It’s a terrifying experience for her at first, as she is placed on an examining table and her clothes are removed. Soon she’s placed naked in a cell with a naked man named Sasha (Darko Malesh), who was also abducted. They come to realize that the aliens want to observe them having sex, which they do in two scenes, both of which are much hotter than the first one. And now that she remembers these experiences, Sherri is calmer and at peace, as she waits for the aliens to return someday and take her again.

In the second vignette, which is set in the future (it’s unclear if it’s the future that Lolita is in, or farther in the future than that) and stars Skylar Nicholas (aka Chanda and Chandra) as an unnamed woman who has been arrested and sent to an underground penal colony on an alien planet. Lisa Comshaw plays the brutal warden, Nikki Nova plays Skylar’s character’s cellmate, and Robert John plays Derrick, a fellow prisoner in another cell (it’s a coed prison). Skylar’s character has a hot sex scene with each of them, before she finally makes an escape attempt. There’s a nice little twist ending to this segment, which I will not spoil.

In the final segment, also at least starting in the present, David Squires plays a trucker named Jake who stops off in a diner for some breakfast. While waiting he goes into the bathroom to wash his face, and is joined by the waitress, played by Heather James, and they have sex. Afterward she leaves and then there’s a big flash in the room, and when Jakes leave the diner has transformed and it’s 1955.  Jake is in shock and watches as a couple, played by Taylor St. Claire and William Briganti have sex in one of the booths in the diner. Then Jake goes back into the bathroom and there’s another flash, and when he comes back out it looks like it’s now some kind of apocalyptic fight club, and there’s a rowdy crowd and watching and cheering as two women (Taylor and Heather) fight each other, which quickly turns into them having sex. Jake goes to the bathroom again and when he comes out he’s in a prehistoric cave, with the two women now dressed as cavewomen, and there are also two cavemen there. Taylor’s cavewoman comes on to Jake and they start to have sex, eventually being joined by the other cavewoman. When they’re done, the cavemen pull Jake away from them, and then they have sex with the two cavewomen. And that’s where that segment ends (with no clue what happens to Jake).

The films ends back in Lolita’s studio, as she performs a sexy strip tease for us.

Overall, it’s a nice film. The premise is one that could easily be done today, I could see Jim Wynorski or Dean McKendrick filming this script today, the big difference is that it would be played for laughs. Richards takes it seriously, this film is played straight, the way softcore films traditionally were back in the 90’s. That’s especially evident in the first segment, where Gabriella Hall has several dramatic scenes, showing her on the verge of a mental breakdown. Lovell is good as the “host”, and her stripping and masturbation scenes are hot, although it would have been even hotter if she’d had at least one full sex scene. There is a brief scene of making out with some unnamed woman but they cut it before it gets really into it. With an attractive cast and some hot sex scenes, this film gets a Chacebook rating of 4 STARS.


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