Well, today’s the day. Voters in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia will head to the polls to vote for the choice for their party’s nominee.

And, for the record, I highly encourage every eligible voter to participate. Voting is a right that far too many Americans take for granted. And that is a shame. Make your voice be heard!

Anyway, today is possibly the day that this primary season is, for all intents and purposes, settled. I mean, make no mistake, this has been the most unpredictable primary season I have ever seen, and it seems like the phrase “conventional wisdom” is going extinct but, well, there is some historical precedent here. In my lifetime, whomever wins the majority of states on Super Tuesday has gone on to be their party’s nominee. So, really, while the primaries won’t technically be over, whomever comes out on top tonight on either side will appear unstoppable. And, in politics especially, perception is reality.

For the moderate (or “establishment”) Republicans, that means this is your last chance to stop Donald Trump. Unfortunately for them, there has been no consensus candidate to rally behind, meaning Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and even John Kasich (yes, I know Ben Carson is still in the race but he is irrelevant) will divide the anti-Trump votes meaning, as far as I see, there’s no way he can lose.

For the far-Left Democrats who support Bernie Sanders, it’s do or die time. I honestly don’t know what will happen here, but I read this interesting article a few days ago.

On Super Tuesday, Americans will be shocked to learn Hillary Clinton has been winning all along

Several times per week, one friend or another who doesn’t closely follow politics asks me why Hillary Clinton is losing so badly to Bernie Sanders. I’m tempted to wonder what they’re smoking. Then I remember that the little they’re hearing about the 2016 election so far is coming entirely from the quasi-fictional political theater of cable news, and I realize their bizarrely inaccurate view of the race is not quite their fault. With Hillary holding massive leads in the majority of the next twenty states to vote, and eleven of them voting this Tuesday, it’ll be interesting to watch mainstream Americans shocked to learn that she is indeed winning – and has been all along.

I know all the Sanders supporters practically revel in their victim-hood, as far as the media is concerned. And love to rant on and on about how they and Sanders are being ignored and not taken series, supposedly because the media is in bed with Clinton. But the truth is, what the media loves is a horse race. That is much more compelling television and better for ratings. So they would absolutely love if this dragged on, for both sides, as long as possible.

I mean, this is what happened during the general election in 2012. We where constantly told about how close it was between Obama and Romney and how Obama was vulnerable, and Romney was gaining, so much so that even Romney thought he was going to win. Yet it turned out that Obama cruised to an easy re-election, just like informed people like Nate Silver had been saying all along.

Well, we’ll see how this turns out. As I type this we’ve got about 7 hours until polls close.

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