SEX, SECRETS, AND LIES 2 (aka “Wicked Temptations”)


This 2002 film was written by Thomas K. Nash & directed by Eric Gibson stars softcore screen legend Monique Parent (using the screen name Scarlet Johansing, as she’s done in a few other films, for some reason) as Sam (Samantha) Sharpe, a former Vice cop now turned Private Investigator. She’s hired by Robert Lydekker (Frank Harper, using the screen name Chip Albers), who works for his father’s business which publishes nude magazines. Robert wants Sam to track down his father’s wife Laura (T.J. Hart) a former nude model who is much younger than his father, and who is abruptly walked out on the elder man recently. Robert suspects that Laura may be having an affair with her personal trainer Guy (James Bonn), as well as with her best friend Audrey (Keri Windsor), so that’s where Sam’s trail begins. But things get much more dangerous than a simple adultery case when dead bodies start piling up, and Sam finds herself at odds with one of her exes, who is now lead detective on the police force (Daniel Anderson), while possibly uncovering a much larger conspiracy.

I can’t say much more about the story without spoiling the ending, but what I can talk about are the smokin’ hot sex scenes which this film is full of. T.J. Hart and Keri Windsor are XXX film stars, so they’re always hot when in softcore films. And this film doesn’t waste much time getting down to it, by opening with a threesome between Bonn, Hart, and Windsor, taking place outside by a pool. Windsor and Hart also have a separate lesbian scene together, and Windsor as a one on one scene with Bonn (although it takes place in the dark, so you can’t see as much). Bonn also has a sex scene with XXX film star Wanda Curtis, who plays one of his clients. Tess Broussard plays Robert’s secretary, and she and Harper/Albers have two hot scenes, one on the desk in his office, and another on the couch in his home). Angelica Sinn, another XXX star, has a small role as stripper, and we see her dancing on stage, and then giving Sam a lapdance. As for Monique, speaking as a longtime fan of hers, it’s a little disappointing that it takes almost 40 minutes before we even get any skin from her (during a scene which she masturbates while watching the videotape of Guy, Laura, and Audrey having sex), and then it’s about 55 minutes before her first actual sex scene, which is with Anderson. But it is worth the wait, as Monique always burns up the scene. She and Anderson have one more sex scene later. So that’s two (and a half, if you count the masturbation scene), and both are worth watching.

So with a sexy cast and a rather interesting story, this film gets 5 STARS

Like Passion Before Midnight, this was renamed, in this case Sex, Secrets, & Lies 2 (despite no connection to the first film, other than the appearance of Jame Bonn, who plays a completely different character) and is only available as the R-Rated version, which you can find via Amazon.

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  1. For me, the highlight of this movie was the presence of the infinitely attractive blonde Asian Tess Broussard. Her office copulation scene, where she wore gorgeous black thong panties, sizzled (in spite of the unremarkable mediocrity of softcore actor Frank Harper, who could never realistically bed a woman of Broussard’s caliber in real life). That women is damn near perfect!


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