Hollywood Sex Fantasy

Here’s a movie that I actually thought that I’d already reviewed her before. Over the years I’ve discovered several softcore films that I hadn’t seen before thanks to readers of this blog who’ve recommended them to me, and this is one of those films. Back in 2016 I reviewed the film CARNAL WISHES, and in the comments, a reader asked me to help track down a particular film whose name he didn’t know, but thanks to the description he gave me I was able to figure out that it was this film. And it looked like a good one, so I eventually bought it myself.

Written by Leland Zaitz and directed by Kelley Cauthen, this 2001 film stars Marklen Kennedy in a duel role. He plays Cameron Hunter, an A-list world-famous rich and successful action movie star. He’s got it all, the big house, fancy cars, and adoring female groupies. So, so many groupies, all just throwing themselves at him. He also plays Tim, a poor out of work actor, who just so happens to look exactly like Cameron.

Cameron has gotten bored with both his professional and personal life. Despite making $20 million per film he’s tired of making stupid action movies and wants to make a small-budget “art film” in order to be taken seriously as an actor. He’s also tired of all the groupies and hangers-on in his life. He has a relationship with a woman named Karen (Catalina Larranaga) and claims to want to get serious with her (although it doesn’t stop him from banging groupies), but she doesn’t think he’s ready for that (she’s probably right). One day Tim is delivering pizza to Cameron’s house during a party, and when Cameron meets him and sees the uncanny resemblance, he takes this as a chance to get away from his life for a little while, so he offers Tim $50,000 to take his place and live his life for a few weeks, while Cameron goes off to the woods or something to just be alone, which Tim agrees to.

So there’s the main premise for the majority of the movie, Tim tries to adapt to living the life of a famous movie star while trying to keep his real identity secret from the fans, the press, and those closest to Cameron, which include his personal assistant Jenkins (played by Kelli McCarty) and his agent Lou (Robert Allen). Tim invites his best friend Sam (Zay Harding) to come to stay with him at Cameron’s house and the two of them have fun enjoying the Hollywood lifestyle, including going out to clubs and throwing parties at the house. The story itself is not the most original, as you can find tons of stories, including TV and films, about a doppelganger taking over someone’s life, and there are some implausible bits in here if you look hard enough, such as the fact that Cameron doesn’t do much to prepare Tim to impersonate him, but it does offer for some dramatic bits and character-arcs that you don’t typically see in these softcore films.

Cameron’s main rule for Tim is to not do anything to screw up Cameron’s life, including not signing any contracts. Yet when Tim, as Cameron, is presented with the chance to sign on to star in a big sci-fi sequel, which Cameron had previously expressed no interest in, Tim signs it, assuming that Cameron would want to do it. He does, however, get an agreement from the studio to let Sam, an aspiring screenwriter, do a rewrite on the film script. He later encounters Karen, who was supposed to be out of town, and when he discovers her relationship with Cameron he tries to avoid her but ends up sleeping with her, and falling in love with her for real, although she thinks he’s the real Cameron.

Without spoiling the ending, things do get resolved, probably a bit too easily, but let’s face it you don’t watch films like this for the “realism.” You watch them for the sex scenes! And this film certainly comes through in that department. There are nine sex scenes, although one is a solo scene of Catalina Larranaga masturbating in a bathtub. Larranga also has two b/g sex scenes with Marklen Kennedy.

Marklen Kennedy has the aforementioned threesome in a scene with Keri Windsor and Teanna Kai, who play some random groupies, and he has a scene with Tracy Ryan, who plays a famous actress that “Cameron” auditions with, and there’s a split scene where he and Zay Harding’s character meet a couple of groupies who snuck into Cameron’s pool and they join them, so Harding has sex with Ava Vincent while Kennedy has sex with the other woman, whom I’m not sure it is, but the camera cuts back and forth between showing each couple.

Harding also has a sex scene with Miyoko Fujimori, who plays an entertainment reporter and a sex scene with Kelli McCarty. And there’s also one lesbian sex scene between Adriana Steele and Leighann Steele in a hot tub.

The sex scenes are all amazing, and the main cast are all decent actors, which helps overcome the little story flaws. I would have liked to see have seen a bit more of Tracy Ryan and Kelli McCarty, by that I mean I wish they’d each gotten more sex scenes, but otherwise I really can’t complain about this film, it’s enjoyable all around. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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