Here we have another one of those cable-only softcore films from MRG Entertainment/Mainline Releasing, which is why I’m using the above picture of Jayden Cole for this post, since she is the star of this film and there is, as of yet, no DVD cover to use.

This 2015 film is written by Denise Monroe and directed by Jon Taylor, and like many MRG/Mainline films it tries very hard to give us a serious plot. This one goes for more of the “erotic thriller” vibe of the 1990’s late-night cable films. Jayden Cole stars as Rachel, and Ryan Driller plays her husband Eric. In the opening scene, it’s nighttime and they’re both standing across each other by a pool, with Eric in a tuxedo, as Rachel shoots him dead in the chest. She then calls someone on the phone to tell them to please come by.

The film then flashes back to a week before that. So the gist of the film is that Eric is a successful businessman and he and Rachel live in a very large house with a pool in the back (I’m pretty sure it’s the same house from Wicked Deeds). Despite living in this luxury (she doesn’t have a job, just apparently lays around the pool in a bikini all day), all is not well between her and Eric. Eric frequently has to go out late at night for sudden business meetings, but Rachel suspects that he is actually cheating on her. She confides her suspicions to her friend Daphne (India Summer), while also implying that Eric might get violent with her if she brings up her suspicions to him. So Daphne recommends that Rachel hire a private investigator to check Eric out. If he can get evidence of Eric’s adultery, then Rachel can divorce him and take him for all he’s worth.

Sean Juergens plays Chase, the P.I. that she hires. After watching Eric for four days, he reports back to Rachel that Eric is actually going to business meetings when he says he is, not sleeping with any other women. So Rachel is relieved to find out that he husband is just a workaholic, not an adulterer. At least that’s something they can work through, perhaps with marriage counseling. So she thanks Chase for his service, pays him and that’s that.


Ha ha. Just kidding. Of course that’s not the end. Duh.

Instead of being relieved at Eric’s fidelity, Rachel is still upset, because she wants to leave Eric and figured it would be easier if she had proof of his cheating, otherwise she’s worried that if she just leaves him he’ll get violent with her. Chase tries to convince Rachel to leave Eric. He even offers to help find her a good divorce lawyer. Then that night Rachel comes over to Chase’s house, claiming that Eric found out she hired Chase and got so angry he hit her in the face, giving her a black eye. This leads to him and Rachel beginning an affair. This is despite the fact that Chase is sort of in a relationship with a woman named Kendra (Lea Lexis), whom we saw him with earlier in the film. Kendra had been pressing Chase for more of a commitment, and was even hoping he would train her to be his investigative partner. But she leaves him when she catches him with Rachel.

And then when the film catches up to the opening scene, we see that it was Chase whom Rachel called after she shot and killed Eric. And he helps her convince the police that it was self-defense. I will not spoil the ending, because there is a plot twist. Personally, I saw it coming a mile away, and you probably will too. Or at least I’d say you probably won’t be completely surprised when you see it. Still, I’ll leave that for you to see for yourself. But I appreciate the effort Denise Monroe put into this to give us a compelling film, something that you could watch even without the explicit sex scenes.

But don’t get me wrong, if you want explicit sex scenes, then this movie is for you!

There are 6 scenes, all around 6-8 minutes long. As typical of recent MRG films, the scenes are shot very “romantically”, there’s slow music playing (sometimes the music just goes out altogether), low enough that you can hear the actors moaning. There’s also a lot of kissing during the scenes, no matter what positions that actors get in. It also helps that since I believe the majority of the cast, except for Jeurgens, are also adult film actors, I think that experience helps them make their sex scenes look so realistic. So it’s good stuff.

Jayden Cole has three scenes. One in the beginning with Driller, and then two with Juergens. Juergens also has a sex scene with Lexis. And India Summer has a scene with Morgan Lee, who plays her character’s live-in lover, Tina. I have to say, that scene is probably my favorite one in this film.

Morgan Lee & India Summer - Carnal Wishes - 1-1_1-500
I mean, DAMN.

You’ll notice I only listed 5, when I said there are 6 sex scenes in this film. I don’t want to say who is in the 6th one, because just saying who is in it might kind of spoil the ending of the film. But trust me, that is probably my 2nd favorite scene in this film. Melts the screen.

But this cast wasn’t just hired for their good looks and ability to simulate sex. Acting-wise, they all do a good job. Jayden Cole deserves the most praise, as she has the biggest role. The film pretty much falls on her shoulders, and she carries it well. And then Sean Jeurgens as the leading man is very believable. Both India Summer and Ryan Driller are also quite capable in their roles, even though they’re just supporting characters here. Driller, in particular, feels like he should have been used a little more in this film. Likewise, I would have liked to have seen a little more of Lea Lexis, with her character and Jeurgens’. I was impressed with the small bit we got from her. And there’s a cameo, non-sex, appearance by acclaimed softcore actress (and Ted Cruz campaigner) Amy Lindsay.

Carnal Wishes gets a Chacebook rating of 5 STARS

Check your cable listing for air-dates, and if you know anyone at Mainline Releasing please tell them to either release this (and their other recent films) for sale on DVD or at least digital downloads…

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  1. You might be able to help. I’ve been scouring the internet for what I think is an MRG softcore movie where one guy has a brother who looks just like him and is a famous actor or something that just wants to get away from all the craziness of his life so they switch houses for the week and then he has all this crazy sex with his famous brothers groupies.

    Im trying to find it because there is one incredibly beautiful woman in it that I cant find anywhere (she is the journalist who fucks in the kitchen) and the only other scene ive found her in is one scene at like 66 minutes in the MRG movie called Sexual Indiscretion but she is not credited.

    If you have any idea what I’m talking about, help a Lost brother out.

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    • Hello Lost. I believe that the film you are looking for is a Playboy movie from 2001 called HOLLYWOOD SEX FANTASY:

      “Celebrity status, a Porsche, a mansion, and a throng of sex-crazed female fans. What more could a man want, especially when that man is delivering pizzas while he tries to launch is acting career? Fate is on Tim’s side when top Hollywood actor Cameron Hunter hires him in a bizarre body double scheme. His job? To live the life of a movie star while the real Cameron Hunter skips town. Granting interviews to sexy reporters who will do anything to meet him, frolicking with groupies he finds skinny dipping in his pool, and making love to Hunter’s beautiful and unknowing girlfriend are just a few of the incredible perks. Can Tim pull off this opportunity of a lifetime without ruining his chances for success….and the career of the real Cameron Hunter?”

      The woman, and scene, in question is Miyoko Fujimori, who starred in a bunch of sofcore films under the names “Flower” and “Flower Edwards”

      Take a look here, where R-rated clips from the film are available to purchase to download, and you’ll see if this is indeed the film you’re thinking of. Scroll down to clip 7, that’s the Kitchen sex scene.

      An unrated copy of the DVD can be purchased on Ioffer:


  2. Excellent review.

    I thought this was a very good movie for something in this vein as I try to have interesting scenarios like this in my fictional writing.

    Jayden Cole is stunning in all her work.

    I really enjoy all your reviews. Keep it up.


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