Welcome back, my loyal readers! Thanks to all who have stuck by me in my unplanned hiatus from blogging. And how fitting that I should resume with one of the types of updates that I have become most known for: a review of a softcore movie!

Today I’ll be reviewing Paranormal Sexperiments, the latest entry from softcore studio Retromedia. This time around they have enlisted the talents of Terrance Ryker, a longtime cinematographer whose most recent work was as the director of photography on the Retromedia film THE LOVE MACHINE, to direct this film. Continuing the trend of Retromedia’s 2016 output, focusing more on “erotic thrillers” than the sci-fi comedies that they had been known for, this is a “horror” film, albeit with comedic elements.

Despite being the DVD covergirl, Erika Jordan is not really the star of this film, that would be adult film star Blair Williams, making her softcore debut here as Cindy, a naive and rather simple-minded young woman. As the film begins, we learn that Cindy is currently failing out of college, and is so broke that she and her roommate Sara (Morgan Lee) are threatened with being evicted from their apartment due to being unable to pay their rent. Cindy visits a psychic named Madam Zola, played by Kira Noir, who predicts that good fortune is just around the corner for her. Despite the fact that Madam Zola is an obvious fraud, Cindy believes her and, sure enough, Cindy soon learns that, via an absurd set of circumstances, she has inherited the estate of “Lady Dracovich” (Erika Jordan), which includes a large mansion, all its contents, the land around it, some cash, and special book which she is told to protect at costs, but never read it.

I’ll note that I was pleasantly surprised to see long-time softcore film veteran Robert Donavan appearing in this film as Mr. Cosgrove, Lady Dracovich’s lawyer. He’s the one who contacts Cindy about her inheritance, and later tells her more about Lady Dracovich, including how she died and that, while alive, she was a “sexual predator,” who went after both men and women, turning them into her sexual servants or slaves.

Andrew Espinoza Long plays ¬†Professor Gordon, one of Cindy’s college teachers. She has to go to him to get a temporary leave of absence from school so she can have time to settle her new estate. Gordon grants the request, but he enlists Kathy, another of his students (played by Carter Cruise) whom he’s been having an affair with, to help him attempt to scam Cindy out of Lady Dracovich’s valuable book collection. Soon after Cindy and Sara move into the mansion together, Cindy begins acting different. She’ll suddenly snap into Lady Dracovich’s personality and seduce whomever she’s around, first Sara and then later Professor Gordon after he shows up. And that’s where there’s some confusion regarding the storyline. At first it appears that Lady Dracovich’s spirit is possessing Cindy’s body, but then later Lady Dracovich appears herself as a “ghost,” but then is able to physically have sex with Kathy herself. So, if Lady Dracovich can do that, she doesn’t need to possess anyone, right? And then later there’s a huge scene where all the women, including Madam Zola who arrived to try to warn Cindy, are in bed with Professor Gordon, apparently planning to “fuck him to death”, while Lady Dracovich’s “ghost” watches and is apparently controlling the action.

So, I don’t know, while the story begins with an interesting premise, the plot just falls apart as it goes on (and the ending, which I won’t spoil, comes out of nowhere), and it just becomes an excuse for characters to randomly have sex. And it should be noted that neither on the film’s brief IMDB page nor on this DVD itself is there anyone credited for writing this film. I think with a little tweaking here and there, and some more thought put into it, this could have been a much more compelling story. That’s the thing that keeps this film from being worthy of a full 5 stars. However, what saves the film, and makes it worth watching, is first the great effort that Mr. Ryker puts into it. I would never have guessed that this was the first film he directed, he does as good a job as I’ve come to expect from Retromedia’s resident director Dean McKendrick. He transitions the scenes from dialog to action to sex (which I’ll get to in a minute) very well and naturally. And the film also benefits from an excellent cast. Blair Williams does an excellent job as a first-time leading lady. Erika Jordan, of course, gives one of her usual perfect performances (which makes it a shame that she wasn’t given a little more to do in this film). Carter Cruise continues to be impressive in this, her third softcore feature, and I believe could have a long career in softcore if she chooses. Morgan Lee has a little room to improve as far as “acting” goes, at least when it comes to delivering dialog. But she totally makes up for it in the sex scenes. And I was happy to see Kira Noir return to softcore, and hope there is more to come from her, too. As for the men, Andrew Espinoza Long gives another great performance, his female fanbase should be mighty satisfied with his work here. And, as I said, Robert Donovan is a veteran at this, so there’s no surprise that he did a good job, but he also probably could have been utilized a little more.

Now let’s get to the really important topic: the sex scenes!

There are 6 full sex scenes, three of which are lesbian scenes. We get one with Blair Williams and Kira Noir, one with Blair Williams and Morgan Lee, and one with Erika Jordan and Carter Cruise. The Blair/Kira scene is good, only slightly disappointing due to fact that it takes place in a dark room illuminated only by candles, therefor it’s not as easy to see as much. That’s not a problem with the other two scenes, of which the best would have to be the Blair/Morgan scene. It takes place on a bed, and I just have to say that it looks so realistic. I mean, I don’t want to get too graphic here but when Morgan is licking between Blair’s buttcheeks it doesn’t look “simulated” to me. Probably not a coincidence that her one scene which was also a lesbian scene, in CARNAL WISHES was also one of my favorites. And the Erika/Carter scene, which takes place in a kitchen, is no slouch either. Those two really seem to be into each other. Andrew Espinoza Long as one on one sex scenes with both Carter (on the desk in his office) and then Blair (on a couch in the manor), both of which are also very erotic. And then there’s a big final five-way sex scene. Yes, I said FIVE-way. Andrew is tied to a bed, with Blair and Carter having sex scene him, and then they’re all joined by Kira and Morgana. I’m sure I’m not the only man who will wish he was in Andrew’s place while watching this scene.

There’s also a 7th scene, it’s a solo scene of Kira’s character taking a shower, washing her body and then masturbating. And, thankfully, all of the sex scene have slow sensual music playing, with the characters gently engaging each other. Not the loud techno-music and furious “humping” of some earlier films. So I believe most fans will enjoy this film.

With a sexy cast, erotic sex scenes, all well-directed, I can highly recommend this film with a Chacebook rating of 4 STARS


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  1. Excellent review. Almost my thoughts exactly on this film.

    I wish the plot and some of the dialogue could have been stronger because this was quite erotic for modern softcore. Goodness so many beautiful women on display. Loved the first love scene right off the bat (Blair/Kira) but like you wish it would have not been shot in shadows but wow that kitchen scene and the last scene (which should have been longer without cutaways) were very memorable.


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  2. There are also no credits for the music, even though the ending credit roll goes on forever. I know I’ve heard at least one of those soft jazz guitar tracks in other porn flics — years ago — and also not credited. Any idea where they got it and who’s playing it?


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