super ninja doll

This 2007 film (also known as Super Ninja Bikini Babes according to IMDB) was written and directed by Fred Olen Ray (under the names Cyrus Nickleby and Nicholas Medina). It’s a sci-fi comedy, typical of Ray’s work in this time period, which if you’re familiar with you’ll know what to expect. By that I mean an outlandish plot, with cheap special effects and deliberately over-the-top acting. And Mr. Ray delivers on all three with this film.

The plot revolves around a manga/superhero comic-book series called Super Ninja Doll.

Super Ninja Doll 3

Christine Nguyen stars as Eriko, a young college student who happens to be obsessed with this particular comic-book. So much so that it’s affecting her studies, as she doesn’t always pay attention in her classes, as she’s too busy secretly reading her comics. Now there is some sort of “cosmic storm” approaching the Earth, something that happens only once every million years. During this event, a portal from another dimension opens up, enabling beings from that dimension to crossover into ours. It turns out that this other dimension is one where the characters from the Super Ninja Doll comic-book are real. Nicole Sheridan and Evan Stone play Tantella and Gorath, two alien villains who are plotting a takeover of Earth.


These two win the prize for over-acting, always speaking in big “comic-book villain dialog,” with Gorath in particular often referring to himself in the third person. Their plan involves kidnapping the most brilliant scientific minds on Earth to somehow help them in their takeover. The exact details of their plan are not all that clear, but who cares? Gorath arrives on Earth and we see him kidnapping one scientist (played by Syren) and then preparing to kidnap another. At some point Eriko is actually contacted, via one of her comic-books, by the real Super Ninja Doll, who explains the situation. For some reason, Super Ninja Doll can’t transfer to and remain in our dimension like the villains can. so she selects Eriko to be her, like, avatar, I guess. In times of danger, Eriko is given the ability to transform into Super Ninja Doll (who is credited as being played by Angela M. Eads), although it’s unclear if Eriko is actually still herself when transformed our if Super Ninja Doll is possessing her body. Again, it’s not a really important detail.

With the help of some agents from the Bureau of Scientific Strangeness, Eriko determines that the next scientist most likely to be kidnapped is a woman named Marsha, played by Beverly Lynne, and so Eriko goes to her to try to warn her and protect her. Alexandre Boisvert aka Voodoo plays Marsha’s boyfriend and both he and Marsha are initially skeptical of Eriko’s claims. But then Gorath and Tantella show-up, and despite Super Ninja Doll’s best efforts, she is defeated, the villains take all three as prisoners in their spaceship./

I guess that’s all I’ll say for now, as I don’t want to spoil the ending. But what I will spoil are the sex scenes (the real reason we all watch these films, of course), of which there are a total of six.

Christine Nguyen has two scenes. One is a lesbian scene with Kitty Katzu, who plays a fellow college student who gets turned on by the sex scenes she sees in the copy of the Super Ninja Doll comic-book that Eriko shows her. They have sex in the classroom (after everyone is gone). As I said in regards to Nguyen and Katzu’s lesbian scene in VOODOO DOLLZ, Katzu is just too prepubescent looking for me to get into watching her. Although I will note that three years after this movie was released, Kitty appeared on an episode of the “reality” show Millionaire Matchmaker, as a potential candidate for one of the bachelors (she was not picked). Identifying herself as “Michelle” and claiming to be a legal secretary, she was now sporting breasts implants (and braces), at least making her look like an adult.


The second Nguyen scene is almost like two in one. It starts off as a lesbian scene with Beverly Lynne on a bed, after about 3 minutes, Voodoo joins in and makes it a threesome and it continues for about another 4 minutes. Now that’s hot.

Evan Stone has three scenes, as his character periodically needs to have sex to “recharge” his super-powers. One scene is with Jassie James, who plays a “sex droid” that Tantella provides him with, the other is with Syren before he kidnaps her, and the third is with Sheridan. All three scenes are hurt by the fact that Stone keeps his ridiculous costume on the entire time (even though the women get naked). And there’s also a decent scene between Sheridan and Boisvert. Also, while not a full scene, we do get some decent shots of Beverly Lynne taking a bubble bath by herself.

It’s hard to criticize a film like this which doesn’t take itself that seriously in the first place. It’s a fun little action-packed B-movie. My main complaint would be that the sex scenes could have been better. Chacebook rating: 3 STARS



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