This is a short (about an hour and 12 minutes) film written and directed in 2008 by Fred Olen Ray (as Nicholas Medina). He’s acquired quite an impressive cast of beautiful actresses, including Softcore legends Monique Parent and Beverly Lynne, and if you like lesbian sex scenes, then this film is definitely for you.

Christine Nguyen stars as Christina, a young woman who, when the film opens, is attending a private exclusive all-girl boarding school. When that school’s headmistress, played by Michelle Bauer, catches Christina having sex with another student, she transfers Christina to an even more private all-girl boarding school. This other boarding school is in a large mansion, but at the moment Christina arrives most of the other students are spending vacation with their parents. So there are only three other students on campus, Maria (Charlie Laine), who will be Christina’s roommate and Jilly and Sandra (Beverly Lynne and Nicole Sheridan) who share the room next door to them.

Monique Parent plays this school’s headmistress Miss Dambahla and Syren plays Miss Santana (it’s never clear what she does if she is a teacher or some other type of administrator). Alexandre Boisvert/Voodoo plays Jeff, the school’s handyman. Maria tells Christina that because Jeff is the only man anywhere near campus, the girls “share” him. Meaning she, Jilly, and Sandra, take turns going out (and having sex) with him. But Maria admits that that arrangement is beginning to upset her as she claims that she and Jeff have fallen in love (although, as we later see, that “love” appears to be one-sided). But Christina assures Maria that she won’t have to worry about sharing Jeff with her, as she’s never been with a man, only other women (it’s not clear if that’s because Christina is an actual lesbian or is just nervous about being with a man).

The title of the film comes from Maria’s collection of voodoo dolls. She claims the practice of voodoo is in her family. Christina is skeptical when Maria shows her a voodoo doll of Sandra, and uses it to make Sandra horny (claiming that the punishment is that Maria always stops before Sandra fully gets off), and we see that it actually works. Later, Maria uses a voodoo doll on Jilly for much more nefarious purposes. And speaking of nefarious purposes, Miss Dambahla and Miss Santana also have their own secret agenda regarding Christina’s enrollment at the school. It all comes to a thrilling conclusion, with Christina’s life hanging in the balance, which I will not spoil.

So, yeah, okay, this isn’t the deepest story. It’s pretty typical of the softcore fare that Fred Olen Ray was churning out in the early 2000’s. An outrageous premise that requires minimal acting skills but gives ample opportunities for women to get naked. And that they do. There are six full sex scenes in this film (four of which are lesbian scenes).

The first scene is Christine Nguyen with Kitty Katzu, who plays Meg, a fellow student at Christine’s original school. They have sex in a locker room. This could have been a better scene, but the problem for me was that I just didn’t find Katzu very attractive. She’s very thin, with almost no breasts, just nipples on her flat chest. I guess if you’re into really prepubescent looking women, you’ll like this.

Monique Parent and Syren have a sex scene, which is scorching. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen Monique in a “bad” sex scene, and when paired with a hardcore adult film star like Syren, who also knows what she’s doing, you just can’t go wrong.

Christine also has a sex scene with Nicole Sheridan. Charlie Laine has a sex scene with Syren, which may be my favorite scene in this film (Charlie really goes to town on Syren’s breasts). And there is a threesome between Boisvert, Sheridan, and Lynne, which is also pretty hot.

There is also a solo scene of Christine taking a shower while Syren’s character secretly watches (and masturbates) through a hole in the wall.

Fred Olen Ray knows what his audience wants to see in scenes like this. They’re all shot slow and romantic, with the camera lingering on the various ladies’ nude bodies. It’s all very erotic, and makes this film worth watching. Chacebook rating: 4 STARS


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