femalien 2

I came across this 1998 film in my collection and thought I’d post a review. First, don’t worry if you haven’t seen FEMALIEN, which came out in 1996, before seeing this sequel, as it’s not entirely necessary. I have, but it’s been so long, and I don’t currently have it available or else I would have reviewed that here first. But during the opening credits the first film is recapped, along with scenes from it. The first film was about an alien who is made of pure energy being sent to Earth to study human senses (especially how it relates to sexuality). Taking the form of a human female (played by Venesa Talor) and adopting the name KARA, she walked around watching various people have sex and engaging in sexual activity herself. At the end of the film, she liked it so much, that she decided to disobey her orders to return to her home planet, and stay on Earth.

In this sequel, written and directed by Cybil Richards, this film has Bethany Lorraine and Josh Edwards as Xeda and Trion, two more aliens who have been sent to Earth to find and retrieve Kara, by tracking her energy signature. It also stars Damien Wells and Amy Lindsay as Lester and Terry. Lester is a man who has long been obsessed with finding proof of Alien life, and Terry is his girlfriend. At the beginning of the film she goes to his house planning to break up with him because she’s tired of his obsession and he won’t get a real job. But while there, some of his equipment detects the energy signatures of Aliens nearby and convinces Amy to give him one more chance to prove to her that aliens are real, by coming along with him as he tries to track the aliens. And Kurt Sinclair has a supporting role as a “Man In Black” agent tracking Lester and Terry.

So Xeda and Trion are tracking Kara, Lester and Terry are tracking Xeda and Trion, while the Man In Black tracks Lester and Terry, got it? Good.

That’s basically the rest of the film, Xeda and Trion teleporting to different places that Kara has been, trying to find her. Sometimes, when they’re at a certain place, they can touch hands and see Kara’s “report” on what she did there, which leads to a flashback scene of Kara. This leads them to a Poetry Club, a massage parlor, a strip club, a place where you can go to hook yourself up to Virtual Reality machines, and several minute-long montages of them walking along Venice Beach interacting with various people, which seems like it was just filmed to help stretch out the movie.

SPOILER ALERT (like anyone cares), in the end, the aliens do finally find Kara, but not only do they not convince her to return to their home planet, she convinces them to stay on Earth with her. And Lester and Terry meet them all and, although they’re unable to tell anybody what’s happened, they finally have their proof that aliens exist, so they’re happy now. THE END.

And, of course, let’s talk about why you really watch films like this: THE SEX SCENES

Amy Lindsay and Damien Wells have one scene together, at the beginning of the film, which is pretty good. Venesa Talor, despite being the “star” of the film only has one actual full sex scene, but it’s quite hot. It’s with some unnamed dude at the massage parlor, starting off with her massaging him, then he massages her, and then they have sex. She also has another scene where she performs an elaborate striptease on a stage.

Bethany Lorraine and Josh Edwards have one sex scene together. Lorraine also has a sex scene with Rob Casale, in what is supposed to be a VR program, they have sex in a cave-like environment, in a lake, and under a waterfall. Lorraine has a scene with Summer Knight, a former coworker of Kara’s who helps them search for her, where the two women take turns stripping for each other and then dance naked together. And then Edwards has a scene, where his character is using the VR program, where he referees a wrestling match between two unnamed women,  which turns into lesbian sex and then a threesome with Edwards.

Other scenes include Summer Knight and Steven Albrecht, and Steve Curtis and Samantha Flat.

The scenes are shot well, and the cast is attractive. I could have used a little more of Talor, whom I think could have been a much bigger softcore actress if she’d been given the opportunity. Amy Lindsay, of course, has gone on to be a major player in the softcore game. Lorraine and Edwards carried most of the film, and for young first-time actors, they did a very good job. I think it helps that the characters that they were playing were supposed to be so sexually naive in the beginning. Overall this film is pretty good. Chacebook rating: 4 STARS


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