5 years ago I reviewed the sequel to this film FEMALIEN 2. I noted at the time that I didn’t own the original which was why I was reviewing the sequel first, but luckily it wasn’t necessary to have seen the first film in order to follow and enjoy the sequel. Well, I do own the original now, so it’s time for me to review it.

Directed by Cybil Richards, who co-wrote the film with Randall Fontana, this film was released in 1996. And, well, I already summarized it in the other review:

The first film was about an alien who is made of pure energy being sent to Earth to study human senses (especially how it relates to sexuality). Taking the form of a human female (played by Venesa Talor) and adopting the name KARA, she walked around watching various people have sex and engaged in sexual activity herself. At the end of the film, she liked it so much, that she decided to disobey her orders to return to her home planet, and stay on Earth.

So that’s basically the story here. Kara beams down to Earth from her spaceship, where she’s in contact with some kind of artificial intelligence that appears as a floating light machine and is named “Dak.” Dak refers to Kara as a “collector”, it’s her job to go to other worlds to collect data on other species, Kara mentions having already done this on several worlds before. Despite that, she’s still naive to things like needing to wear clothes or eating and drinking. Luckily according to Dak an “advanced scout team” has prepared a large house, with a full wardrobe available, for Kara to stay in while she’s on Earth. She’s given a teleportation device that she wears on her wrist, like a watch.

Almost immediately she looks outside her top-floor bedroom window and spies her next-door neighbors, a man and a woman played by  Juan Carlos de Vasquez and Leena, having sex outside by their pool. It’s a very realistic-looking scene, which sets the tone for the rest of the sex scenes in this film. Kara gets turned on and masturbates as she watches.

Then Kara goes to a diner that is run by a woman named Sun (Jacqueline Lovell) whose cook is a man named Drew (Matt Shue). Sun just so happens to be reading a book about aliens which Kara sees on the counter. Kara tells them she’s in town on vacation. They give her suggestions of places she can go in the city.  First, she goes to a photoshoot where a man named Harry (Carlos San Miguel) is taking pictures of two models (Everett Rod and Holly Hollywood) but the shoot’s not going well until Kara gets involved. She has some kind of power where she can arouse people by touching them, so she uses it on the models and they strip out of their black bodysuits and have sex while Harry takes pictures and Kara watches and masturbates. It’s another scorching hot scene.

Then Kara goes to a lingerie shop, where two women who work there (Taylor St. Clair and Stevi Conrad) put on a lingerie strip show for her and then have sex. After this, Kara is so turned on that she’s ready to experience sex directly herself. So she goes back to the diner and propositions Drew and takes him back to her house to have sex. Then Kara goes to some weird alternative performance art club, where she watches a live poetry/sex show involving three women (Summer Leigh, Sky Nicholas, and Bobbi Marie).

Kurt Sinclair plays M.J., a businessman who runs a massage parlor next to Sun’s diner. Through dirty tricks he’s bought out her mortgage and plans to take over her space to expand his parlor. Kara now wants to help her newfound Earth friends. So she goes to M.J.’s parlor where she gets a nude massage from him (though sadly it doesn’t turn to a full-on sex scene) and steals the diner’s deed from him while he’s distracted. Then Kara takes it to Sun and they join some meditation group thing which quickly turns into an orgy, and Kara and Sun watch as three male/female couples (Taylor St. Clair, Bobbi Marie, Sky Nicholas, David DeFalco, Bobby Johnston, & Adam Wilde) have sex.

Going back to Kara’s place, she and Sun have sex. This is after Kara has revealed what she is to Sun, which Sun is thrilled to discover. Afterward, even though Kara tried to help Sun says that stealing the deed from M.J. isn’t going to work, and she just accepts that it’s time to give up the diner and do something else. Kara reveals her plan to stay on Earth, and then teleports Drew into bed with them. THE END.

A great softcore film, full of sexy women and very hot and explicit sex scenes. Some of the women even show their vaginas during the film, something which wasn’t common in softcore back then. Venesa Talor shines as the leading lady in this film. As I said in my previous review I thought she had the potential to be a major softcore star of her era if she’d chosen to pursue it. According to her IMDB this was only her third professional acting role and she carried it well. She would only go on to do a dozen other professional acting roles after this film, with the last one being in 2009, although a new film is currently in post-production. It looks like she’s also pursued a singing career.

In any case, Femalien is one sexy sci-fi story that softcore fans will love. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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