Hotel Erotica Cabo episode 8: Skin Deep

Rachel Elizabeth

Written by A.G. Lawrence and directed by Gary Dean Orona, this episode has a popular reality show being filmed at the hotel. It’s called Makeover Challenge, where it takes less-than-attractive people and gives them big makeovers, which includes plastic surgery, to make them beautiful. From the start Amanda and Corrine (Kimberly Fisher and Divini Rae) are at odds over this, as Amanda thinks these  types of reality shows are shallow nonsense, but Corrine is just happy for the free publicity.

Rachel Elizabeth stars as Katherine, the latest contestant on the show. Through a voice-over, she claims to have been an “ugly duckly’ her whole life. Previously being chubby with a big nose and wearing coke-bottle glasses. She says she was called “Shamu” in high school, is still living with her parents at age 26 and hasn’t had a date in 5 years. She’s already been through the makeover process and arrives on the island to film the final segment where she reveals her new look at tries to meet “the man of her dreams.” We see her taking off some scarves she had around her face and looking in a mirror, amazed at how she looks now. But the problem is she’s still feeling insecure inside and isn’t confident enough to try to meet any new men.

Noah Frank plays Nathan who works for the show. His exact role is unclear, but he’s been working with Katherine during the entire process, and it’s up to him to try to help Katherine gain her confidence. He decides to take her out on a date for “practice.” Tom Stone plays Gary, so while the producer and director of the show. So while he’s stuck waiting for Katherine to get ready to finish filming the show, Corrine convinces Amanda to show him around the island.

Initially Amanda and Gary don’t get along, because she assumes that he’s as shallow as the show is. But comes to find out that he’s not as bad as she thought. And the two of them end up having sex back in Amanda’s hotel room. Meanwhile, after going out with Nathan, Katherine is ready to finish the show but rejects the men brought to meet her and instead runs off with Nathan and they go have sex on the beach.

In addition to those two sex scenes we get a third full scene, in a fantasy sequence where Katherine imagines having a threesome with a man and woman, played by Anthony Mazeika and Jessica Jaymes, on the beach. All three of those new scenes are smoking hot.

There’s also a fourth sex scene, it’s between Divini Rae and Mark Gullion, who appears as Amanda’s father Collin. This is presented as a flashback scene, where Corrine is explaining how she got into an accident 10 years ago which scarred her face and how that made her insecure until she got plastic surgery. And she tells about a man she met who didn’t care how she looked on the outside, and that was Collin, although Corrine doesn’t mention who the man was. This is a bit odd, as it seems to contradict the events of episode 6, where it seemed like Corrine and Collin were hooking up for the first time. Anyway the sex scene is hot, although it’s not a full scene.

A great episode, one of my favorites of the season. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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