Hotel Erotica Cabo episode 6: Wild Cards

Rochelle Loewen

I know it’s been a while, but it’s time to get back to reviewing the rest of this softcore TV series. From 2006. Strangely no writer is listed in the credits of this episode, nor on its IMDB page, but there’s not much of a story here anyway. Gary Dean Orona is the director. The episode begins with Cabo San Lucas in the middle of a big rainstorm, which is unusual for the area. This leaves Amanda and Corrine (Kimberly Fisher and Divini Rae) dealing with a lot of unhappy customers who are now stuck in the hotel with nothing to do.

Glen Meadows and Danny Pape play two such customers, Jimmy and Sal. They’re members of an up-and-coming rock band, The Junkyard Dogs (apparently the only members, since we don’t see anyone else with them) who said they were in Cabo to shoot a music video but the rain has stopped those plans. So now they spend most of their time drinking in their room.

Rochelle Loewen and Christy Patrick play Amy and Tess, two women who are in town for some gambling. But as the episode begins they’ve already lost most of their money and are broke, so assuming that Jimmy and Sal must have a lot of money the ladies set their sights on them in hopes of convincing them to join them in a card game. This does lead to Tess hooking up with Sal and Amy hooking up with Jimmy, although along the way we learn that things aren’t all that they seem to be, and that’s all I’ll say about that.

In an unrelated subplot, Amanda’s father, and owner of the hotel, Collin returns for the first time since his appearance in episode 1. Once again played by Mark Gullion, Collin’s arrival is a surprise to both ladies, who weren’t expecting him. At first he’s coy about his reasons for returning, but later during a private meeting with Corrine he expresses his attraction to her and the two of them have sex. They try to hide this from Amanda but she later reveals that she’s figured it out and doesn’t have a problem with it. What this means for the future is left open, as the episode ends.

This episode had the customary four sex scenes, Divini Rae had one with Mark Gullion and Christy Patrick had one with Danny Pape, and one with Dino Bravo, who plays a famous poker player that Tess describes having sex with to Amy so we see it in a flashback. All of those scenes are smoking hot and make the episode worth watching, despite the bare-bones “story.” The fourth scene is Rochelle Loewen and Glen Meadows, but it’s a bit weird. The scene is mostly Rochelle stripping naked and posing on a bed while Glen watches, and it’s very erotic, but then she motions for Glen’s character to join her and when it does, we don’t really see them together. The camera mostly focuses on her face as we see her reacting to what Glen is supposedly doing, and see his hands caressing her breasts, but his face is off-screen. In fact, it could very well be some unnamed double subbing for him in the scene, as far as I can tell. It makes me wonder if there was some drama behind the scenes when this was shot? I guess I’ll never know. But that’s the only thing that hurts this otherwise great set of sex scenes.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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