Hotel Erotica Cabo episode 13: Eyes Wide Open

Divini Rae

Alright, here we go with the 13th and final episode of the one and only season of Hotel Erotic Cabo, which originally debuted on Cinemax in May 2006. The show starred Divini Rae (credited as Micah Miller) and Kimberly Fisher (credited as Kimberly Kay) as Corrine and Amanda, two women running this luxury hotel in Cabo San Lucas, which is owned by Amanda’s father. Does the series go out with a bang? Read on to find out.

Written by A.G. Lawrence and directed by series creator Gary Dean Orona this episode guest-stars Chelsea Chandler and Jackeline Olivier as Allison and Teena, two friends on vacation, both looking to meet some guys. Allison ends up meeting Thomas (Allen Thomas) a professional baseball player, and Teena spends time with his friend Dave (Shakura). There’s some talk about Allison and Thomas being “the hot ones”, who have trouble finding real love while Teena and Dave are their lonely friends who usually get stuck in the role of wingmen, despite being objectively good-looking themselves, but everything works out for both couples

But the main plotlines involve our lead characters. The episode begins with Amanda in her room, packing her luggage. Summer is over and she is planning to fly back home to New York, as it was established in the first episode that her stay in Cabo was only meant to be temporary. And as much as she’s enjoyed worked at the hotel, she seems ready to leave.

Mark Gullion returns as Amanda’s father Collin. He arrives and secretly meets with Corrine. This is confusing because they’re both worried about revealing their relationship to Amanda, but in episode six she seemed to figure it out? Well, we learn that they are planning to move to Bali to open a new hotel there together. This was the plan all along when they invited Amanda to come work in Cabo, they were hoping she’d love it so much that she’d want to stay and run the hotel herself now. Corrine insists that they need to wait for the right moment to ask her.

Well, they literally wait until the last minute and tell her, and although Amanda is initially shocked at the revelation of her father and Corrine’s relationship, she quickly gets over it and agrees to stay in Cabo. THE END 

We get five sex scenes in this episode. One between Divini Rae and Mark Gullion which is just amazing. Seriously, Rae is the standout star of this series, it was her first acting role and she was very good. But her sex scenes were always outstanding.

Kimberly Fisher gets a sex scene with Renzo Lewis, who previously appeared in episode 4. In that episode, Amanda has a dream where she gets married and has sex on her honeymoon, with Renzo playing her imaginary unnamed husband. In this episode she meets him in a store he runs, and they both mention that they seem familiar to each other, and figure they must have seen each other around Cabo before. The scene is hot. She was also a highlight of this series, although I’d say she wasn’t as good a dramatic actress as Divini (despite being more experienced at this point).

The other scenes are one between Jackeline Olivier and Shakura, which is notable because Shakura is a Black man, which is something we don’t see often enough in softcore (it’s too bad that this is his one and only acting credit, according to IMDB, as I thought he showed much potential), and there are two scenes between Chelsea Chandler and Allen Thomas.

There’s also a big scene of a masked costume party, that basically turns into an orgy, with several topless women, including Tabitha Stevens, dancing around, and a couple of nameless women who get fully naked and have lesbian sex on a couch.

So to answer my own question, yes this is a satisfying episode to end this season, and it’s shame that it wasn’t brought back for more seasons. But this was common for some reason during the 2000s, a lot of these softcore series would just run for one season and then be replaced the next year with some new series that often used many of the same writers, directors and actors. Well, Hotel Erotica Cabo was definitely one of the better shows. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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  1. In my view I like Kimberly Kay Fisher’s acting a bit more

    Can’t deny that Divini is quite the lover actress in her scenes although Kimberly gets into it too

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