Spanking Stepmothers: an F/M story collection


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These are some of the biggest search terms that have brought readers to my blog over the years, with my reviews of Rollin Hands books Ladies In Charge and Ladies In Charge 2 being two of my most popular posts of all time. So clearly this is a subject that many of my readers are into. Well, congrats you little perverts, I’ve got another review for you today on the topic.

This book is a collection of six short stories, all focusing on young (but legal age) men who find themselves being spanked by their older stepmothers.

This story focuses on twin brothers Tyler and Jacob Conway. We don’t get their ages, but they’re home for the summer from college, so at least 18. They also drink beer in this story but I don’t know if that implies that they’re 21 or not. Anyway, they’re home alone with the strict stepmother, a 52-year-old woman named Carolyn, only described as having short graying hair. One day she makes them do yardwork when they’d rather go to the mall. So they play a little prank on her. After dinner they hide her car keys and her phone and then leave for the mall. This means that Carolyn has to miss her Bible study class because she can’t drive or even call anyone to come to pick her up. Carolyn is naturally mad and when the boys return she spanks them each with a wooden hairbrush. Tyler is first and then Jacob.

She makes each boy pull down his pants and then bend over her lap. She bunches up his underwear into the crack of his ass, exposing his bare buttcheeks, which she takes turns spanking with the hairbrush until each boy is crying and begging for her to stop. Afterward, she stresses to each boy that she only did this because she loves them as if she was their real mother and that it’s for their good. Then she gives them each a hug and sends them to their room.

If you’re just a fan of the act of spanking, and the pain and humiliation one experiences receiving it, then you’ll like this story. I personally prefer spanking stories that include sexual gratification. But in this story it’s clear that it’s strictly business, neither the stepmother nor the stepsons get turned on but the act. So it’s a bit lacking for me.

Jeremy Mellon is 22 years old and is just returning home for the summer to begin his senior year of college in the fall after spending the past 12 months living in Peru as an exchange student. While he was away, his widowed father David married a woman named Nancy (no age given) and moved into a new house with her and her 24-year-old daughter Allison. He’s immediately struck by Nancy’s assertive attitude, which he attributes to her being a former cop and now assistant District Attorney. His father informs him that he’s going away on business the next day for a few weeks, meaning Jeremy will be alone with Nancy and Allison. Late that night he’s awakened by Nancy and David’s voices where it sounds like she’s admonishing him and he hears them walking down to the basement. Curious, Jeremy gets up and follows, he sees them go into a locked room in the basement and listens as Nancy spanks David. He’s surprised, but sneaks back to his room before they catch him.

The next morning, when he thinks everyone’s out of the house, David goes down to the basement and goes to the room, which had been locked before. But this morning it’s unlocked and he is shocked to see that the room is basically a bondage dungeon. Just then Nancy and Allison appear at the door, and Nancy explains how she runs the house and regularly punishes his father with spanking and now that he’s living there he’ll be subjected to the same regular punishment from her and Allison. She orders him to take off his pants and boxer shorts and bend over a bench in the room, then takes a wooden paddle (one of many) off the wall and spanks him with it, all the while instructing Allison on how it should be done. After 50 strokes David is crying in pain. Nancy leaves for work, telling him that Allison is in charge while she’s gone. Allison tells him turned on she’s gotten watching him getting spanked, and orders him to follow her to her bedroom.

This was better with the femdom and CFNM aspect to the story. I would have liked it if it actually included the sexual encounter between Allison and  Jeremy that’s implied to be next at the end.

Kyle Gilchrist is 19, and finds himself forced to join his new stepmother Jean (no age given, just that she remarks that she’s old enough to be his real mother) and her friend Meghan, another older woman, as they take 7 young Girl Scouts on a camping trip in the woods (this is somewhere in Oregon). On the second day there, Kyle gets up early and goes out for a walk by himself and gets lost. Jean eventually finds him and is angry with him for leaving and making them all worried. As punishment, she makes him take his pants off and bunch his underwear up between his ass to expose his bare buttcheeks and lean against a tree as she takes a tree branch, cuts it into a switch, and uses it to spank him until he’s crying in pain. Later that night, when everyone else is asleep, Meghan joins him in his tent to have sex but makes it clear that she’s in charge.

This story suffers due to being way too much build-up, there’s a lot of time spent describing the planning for the trip and the drive out to the woods, the setting up the camp, etc. I would have preferred if a lot of that was cut, and given us more of the sex at the end instead.

This story is told by an unnamed narrator. He’s telling us about his childhood growing up in a small backward rural town. His father was the local pastor, his mother died when he was young. His father remarried Miss Carter, who had been his elementary school teacher. She was very strict and believed in corporal punishment, which she did to her students when they were bad, thus earning her the nickname Miss Hickory Stick. So our narrator wasn’t thrilled when his father married her as she continued being a strict disciplinarian at home. She also insisted that he call her Mama Ivy, for some reason. Despite his dislike of her personality, our narrator admits to being very attracted to her. She’s described as stunningly attractive with long auburn hair, blue eyes, and a “sturdy body with not an ounce of fat.” He recalls accidentally seeing her naked when she was getting out of the bathtub once and how that fueled his fantasies for years to come.

But when our narrator turns 16 his father dies. He and his stepmother are devastated and the two of them continue to live together but mostly stay out of each other’s way. The narrator gets a job and a car as he finishes high school. A couple of days after he turned 18 and graduated high school, a takes a girl named Laurie out on a date and tries to have sex with her but she refuses because she’s a virgin and demands that he take her home, which he does. But when he gets home, Mama Ivy is waiting up for him. Either Laurie or her mother told her what he had done, and now she insists on punishing him. She makes him strip naked and lay face down on his bed and then spanks him with one of his father’s old leather belts until he’s crying in pain. Afterward, she makes him turn over and lay down on his back, as she takes her clothes off and gets on top of him. They have sex until they both orgasm and fall asleep.

The next morning the narrator wakes up and even though he loved the sex, he feels guilty thinking that he “took advantage” of this poor widow. So he ends up joining the army and leaving town. And that’s when it’s revealed this is all happened 30 years ago and he’s back in his hometown for the first time since then, to give the eulogy at Mama Ivy’s funeral.

Again, a bit long with the build-up. I would prefer to get to the spanking quicker. I love the sex scene afterward, and that’s more of the kind of thing I want to read about in spanking stories. I would have kept it with that being the start of an ongoing sexual relationship between the two instead of the sadder ending. But oh well.

Clemson March is the lead character in this story. We don’t get his age, but he is a college student living with his father and stepmother. He’s been failing calculus, so his father has grounded him for the weekend, and goes out of town living Clemson under the care of his stepmother Gretchen, who also happened to be Clemson’s high school math teacher.

Gretchen has seven other female teachers over that night for a Bridge Game, and Gretchen orders Clemson to serve them food and drinks throughout the night, which he reluctantly does. As the night wears on though Clemson gets frustrated and ends up snapping at Gretchen in front of everyone, which prompts her to punish him. She makes him pull down his pants and bend over a chair and spanks him with a long thick wooden spoon until he’s crying. After which all of the ladies burst into a round of applause and then Clemson is sent back to his room.

I could have expanded this story by letting the other ladies take turns spanking him. Still, just for the humiliation factor, I’d say this was a good story.

This final story is narrated by Andrew. We don’t get his age, but he is a college student living with his father Adam and his stepmother Jackie. He tells us how his birth mother was a video game addict, who became so obsessed with playing video games that it eventually took over her whole life. This leads to his father divorcing her and her ending up homeless. Now Andrew is following in her footsteps, he’s failing out of college and can’t hold a steady job because all he wants to do is stay in his bedroom to get online to play video games 24/7. The problem gets so bad that he’s neglecting his hygiene, not even taking time to shower most days now.

This leads to Jackie taking control one weekend while his father is away. We get two spanking scenes in this story. This first time she uses a wooden spoon on him, the second time she uses a belt. The story ends with Andrew still struggling with his addiction but feeling that with the regular punishments from Jackie that he’ll be getting it under control.

This was a bit of a weird story to me. The way the video gaming addiction is described it feels more like hardcore drug addiction. But I guess it would be less plausible to believe that, say, a crack addict, could be cured by being spanked?

A good collection of stories, could have used a bit more sex for me, but if you like this topic I think you’ll be pleased. Chacebook rating: FOURS STARS


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