Tarot, Witch Of The Black Rose #133

Writer/Artist Jim Balent puts Jon in the center stage of this issue’s story. He finally decides to deal with the fallout from the end of issue #128, where Jon was left in a frail, weakened and aged body. For some reason, neither Tarot or Raven has been able to restore him to health with their magic, and regular medical science is no good either, so Jon is getting increasingly frustrated. Left alone in the mansion one night he starts exploring Tarot’s collection of spell books and scrolls, searching for something that can cure him. He does find what he’s looking for, the answer is that he must sell his soul to the devil.

Jon is desperate enough to go through with this. He puts on some armor, visits a priest to douse himself in holy water for extra protection, then drives to some area at midnight where he meets the devil himself. I won’t spoil the “plot twist”, but I’ll just say that Jon is restored to health by the end of the story, although he doesn’t get out of it totally unscathed. I thought his plot detail went on too long, so I’m glad it’s finally resolved. It’s a bit of a stretch to believe that Tarot and Raven didn’t have the ability to heal Jon, leading him to such drastic measures. Knowing what he knows of the afterlife, including having been to Hell before, it’s hard to believe that he would even consider such a proposal. But then again he has been known to behave rashly at times. The Devil and his minions are drawn sufficiently terrifying, I always like it when this series leans more into the horror genre, and this is one of those samples. But still with a suitable about of “cheesecake.” Well done.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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