SIN CITY DIARIES episode 13: Angelica Needs A Vacation

And here we have the 13th and final episode of the one and only season of this series. Written by Sandy Travis and directed by John Quinn, this episode focuses on the regular cast, rather than some guest stars.

Angelica (Amber Smith) is overworked and worn out. Matthew and Sasha (Justin Lopez and Elena Talan) insist that she needs a vacation and, over her objections, they arrange for her to spend a weekend at an inn at a Rocky Mountain resort. At the resort, Angelica meets Benjamin (Brien Perry) a man who is also staying at the inn but was given the wrong key and ends up in her room by mistake. But when Angelica finds him in her room she assumes that he must be a professional masseuse that Matthew and Sasha hired to go there to give her a massage so she lays down naked on the bed for him to massage her. Brien is confused but quickly goes along with the mistaken identity because, well, if you had a chance to rub Amber Smith’s naked body would you turn it down?!?

Meanwhile, back in Sin City, Sasha keeps flirting with Matthew, because of their sexual encounter in the previous episode. But Matthew just keeps ignoring her advances. When she finally confronts him on it, he’s adamant that it would be a mistake for them to get involved because it could affect their job and so they should just forget anything ever happened and remain professional. He even flat-out adds that he’s just not interested in her. This leaves Sasha dejected but then Matthew immediately changes his mind and grabs her and kisses her and they make love. It’s a little weird how that scene plays out because Matthew’s change of heart just comes out of nowhere.

Back at the inn, after having dinner together, Benjamin comes clean to Angelica about being a fellow guest, not a masseuse, and how they got mixed up. Angelica is okay with that and they go back to her room to have sex in the shower.

There’s a little subplot involving two unnamed women (played by Michelle Palmer and Ashley Roberts) who are a chef and a masseuse that Matthew and Sasha hired to drive out to the inn to cook a special meal for Angelica and give her a massage. But their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere on their way there, and they get stranded waiting for a tow truck and end up having sex in the backseat of their car. There’s no real point to this, other than to give us a hot lesbian scene, which I appreciate.

At the end of the weekend, Angelica returns feeling great, and she thanks Matthew and Sasha for the trip and gives them both bonus checks for their work. We also see she has Benjamin’s business card, which he wrote “Let’s do it again soon?” on the back. She smiles. THE END.

In addition to the three sex scenes there’s a long solo shower masturbation scene with Amber Smith. All in all, this was a perfect finale to this series. Although I do wish it could have continued for another season or two, this time maybe with the character of Angelica more directly involved in the storylines, as this shows how hot her sex scenes can be.

Sin City Diaries was a top-tier 2000’s softcore series. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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