SIN CITY DIARIES episode 12: Tour of Duty


Written by Anthony L. Greene and directed by Robert Kubilos this episode features adult film star Charles Dera in one of his earliest acting roles, in a storyline that incorporates the regular cast into the main plot for a change.

Dera is Nick, Matthew’s younger brother. He’s a soldier who is in Vegas for the weekend with two of his fellow soldiers, Jo and Keith (Taylor McClintic and Christopher Dabney) for a celebration before they’re all about to be deployed to Iraq (remember this was 2007 when President Bush was inacting the “surge”). Matthew (Justin Lopez) is trying to show them a good time, especially since he feels a little guilty thinking that Nick only joined the military in the first place because Matthew had done the same earlier.

At a strip club Matthew pays for Nick to private lap dance from a stripper (played by Riley Shy), which I expected to lead to a sex scene, but it didn’t. Then Matthew takes all three soldiers to a private pool party where they meet Angelica (Amber Smith) and Jo and Keith sneak off to another room where they hook for the first time.

Back at the pool party, Matthew introduces Nick to Sasha (Elena Talan) and when Matthew thinks that Nick is flirting with Sasha he orders him to leave her alone. This starts an argument between the two brothers, with Nick saying Matthew must have feelings for Sasha, which Matthew denies, and Matthew accusing Nick of being jealous of him. This argument is broken up when Jo and Keith return and announce their intention to get married. Luckily there’s a rabbi (Michael Falls) at the party and so an impromptu wedding is performed right there by the pool. Then the stripper from earlier arrives and she and Nick begin talking where he learns that she’s actually a college student, just stripping to pay her tuition. They go off to a private hot tub and have sex. Meanwhile Matthew and Sasha begin talking and admit their interest in each other and go to a room to have sex.

The next morning, Nick and Matthew make up as Nick leaves. But the status of Matthew and Elena remains ambiguous.

So this was a good episode in that it utilized the regular cast in a natural way, and the three sex scenes (plus Riley Shy’s lapdance) were all hot. So it’s definitely worth watching. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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