Chacebook Rating System


The above image demonstrates the 1-5 STAR rating system that I use for my reviews of films, TV show, books, comic-books, and music albums on this blog.

I may sometimes add “and a half” to my ratings, but that’s rare.

And sometimes I’ll split my ratings, when I feel it’s necessary. For example, when reviewing a comic-book, if I feel that there is a major gap in quality between the writing and the art, I may rate each separately. Or when reviewing a book anthology, or a collection of short stories, I maybe rate each story separately. But usually I’ll just consider everything as a complete package and give it one rating. There’s no standard process here, it just all depends on how I feel at the time.

DISCLAIMER: I do not accept freebies for review purposes. Everything you see reviewed on this blog was my own choice. Especially when it comes to things like books and comic-books, unless otherwise stated, these are all things that I chose to purchase and read myself. So you can be assured that if I rate something highly and recommend that you spend your money on it, that I put my money where my mouth is and spent my own money on it.

So, to any creators/writers/artist/actors/musicians, etc. out there, if you have something of yours that you’d like me to review on this blog, feel free to recommend it to me, along with a link of where to purchase it (you can do so right here on this page, or contact me via Twitter or one of my other social media accounts listed with my Gravatar). And if I think it is interesting enough to read/view/listen to, then I will buy it myself and give it a fair and balanced review.

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