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“Chace Thibodeaux” is the pen name of an eccentric reclusive billionaire who wishes to remain anonymous as he attempts to write erotic sci-fi and superhero novels. This blog, which was originally created out of sheer boredom, originally focused on Chace’s love of erotic stories and softcore films, and then eventually expanded to include other topic, mostly reviews of books, films, and TV shows.

Chace keeps telling himself that he will commit to updating this blog semi-regularly, with his current goal being to publish at least one new post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He also has stretches where he writes a new post more often, like every day, for a while but then occasionally real life gets the better of him and he may go several weeks without an update. Sorry about that.

Clicking “Follow” to get new updates is probably easier than checking back here for new posts, so feel free to do that. Comments are welcome, even if you disagree with something Chace writes, as long as you’re polite about it. Otherwise he’ll delete it without a response and block your email and I.P. address because he doesn’t waste time arguing with trolls (anymore).

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  1. Ahh, I know how difficult it can be to maintain a regular schedule myself. You definitely cover a really interesting niche, and it was interesting to read!

    I wish you all the best, sir.


  2. I’m looking for the name of an actress who played an escort who was followed by a male photographer who eventually falls for her. He almost becomes obsessed with her and draws close to infatuation.

    I remember seeing it on the Playboy Channel from 1996-2002, the actress had a short dark haircut. I want to say that her name in the movie was Erica or Jennifer.

    If you can help with the name of the actress and the name of the movie as I’ve been trying to find it based on very little memories except those provided.


    • I look around a little last night when I got home from work, I couldn’t find anything, but I’ll do some more digging this weekend. Is there ANYTHING else, no matter how small a detail, that you can think of about the film? Description of a scene? What color hair the lead actress had? Etc.


      • The photographer would interview the escort that he was secretly infatuated with or obsessed with in a private one on one setting afterwards. She was go into great detail on whether or not she was turned on or not kind of driving the male photographer deeper into infatuation.

        It wasn’t a porn movie but definitely soft core.

        I would immediately recognize the actress if I saw a picture or the movie again itself. The photographer in the movie had blonde shaggy hair who was in a relationship with someone else before he was drawn into a infatuation with this short dark haired very hot escort.


      • Alright, I’ll see what I can find. I enjoy the challenge. I can’t promise anything. I’ve had others ask me to identify old softcore films, sometimes I’ve been able to find them, sometimes not. But I’ll try my best.


  3. Hi Chace. Have you ever seen an erotic tv series called Compromising Situations which had three seasons and if so then can you post reviews of the episodes on the site please?


  4. I have all 3 seasons on my laptop but in russian dubbing but you can still just about make out the English speaking underneath the dubbing. I know a file hosting site called filehosting which is completely free where I can upload the episodes from season 2 and 3 to and then send you the links to your email address if you have one to download them and then you can watch them and review the episodes on the site. Let me know if you want me to do that and I can get your email address and then upload the episodes to filehosting and then send the links to your email.


    • No thanks. I generally prefer to review things that are available for purchase to the public. So if someone reads my review, be it of a book, TV show, or movie, they can then go get it themselves. That’s why I reviewed season 1, because it is available for purchase. And honestly the show isn’t that enjoyable that I’d want to sit through a bunch of episodes in Russian and try to make out the english speaking underneath just to review it.


      • Ok then. No problem Just a thought. Actually season 3 is great and is my favourite season and I think you would have enjoyed it but no problem anyway. Thanks for reviewing season 1.


      • Thanks. I hope you have it on videotape as the version on the link I gave you I think is an edited version which I have just noticed with cut sex scenes. If you do not have it on videotape then you would be better trying to find an alternative unrated version than the one on the link I gave you.


    • Just an FYI, whenever you include more than one link in a comment, WordPress flags it as potential SPAM, and it’s held for moderation. I’ve never seen and don’t have either of those two films. I’ve checked Jason Majercik’s newsletter, he only has a “Russian dubbed” version of Pleasureville, so I’ll be skipping that. He has unrated Wicked Pleasures, but I’m on a bit of a budget right now, it may be a while before I can afford to order it from him.


      • Oh right thanks for telling me about the WordPress spam thing. I actually just remembered that I had Wicked Pleasures on my laptop which I had forgotten about so if you want I can upload the film to a site called Filebin and post the link here and then you can download it, watch it and then do a review. Let me know if that would be ok and it would save you having to buy it from Jason if you are on a budget.


  5. Young and Seductive
    Passion and Romance: Scandal
    Ringer starring Shannon Whirry
    Behind Bedroom Doors
    Lover’s Leap
    Escort II also called Black Widow Escort


  6. I just discovered your reviews of the first two books in my Breast Monsters series and I love them! I’d like to use them on the inside flap of the books if you have no objection.

    Did you know there was a third book in the series called Laraava of Mars? Email me at Nataleewood1234@gmail.com with an email address and I’ll send it to you.

    Thank you!

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    • I saw your review of My Best Friend’s Mom as well. You mentioned that you liked longer stories. I bet you’d like another erotic sci-fi book I published last year under the alternate pen name Kandi Sanders titled “The Drift.”

      It’s not about people traveling to Mars this time though. It’s about a man and two women who travel through “the drift” into parallel worlds.

      Again, email me your info and I’ll send it to you.


      • Hello again! As a general rule I never accept freebies for review, I only review things that I spent my money on, so readers can be assured that all my reviews are Fair and Balanced. But I take recommendations. I’ll look up your Kandi Sanders catalog.


    • Hello! Yes, I have Laraava, I actually bought the collected bundle, containing all 3 stories in one. I just decided to review them separately, and just haven’t gotten around to the reviewing the third one yet. And yes you are free to quote me if you want.


      • I understand.

        And thanks for the heads up on mixing up the captains name in the second book. I fixed it for anyone who buys it going forward.

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  7. Sin City Diaries and Hotel Erotica Cabo are good series but I would really like it if you could also review the episodes of Hot Line as I loved the series and I think other people would like to see the reviews of the Hot Line episodes as well.


  8. Superb work on reviewing an under-appreciated genre (and a guilty pleasure of many)!

    Have you considering reviewing the softcore television series “Intimate Sessions” or “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” (starring Shauna O’Brien)? The latter series has an episode titled “Before and After,” which features the amazingly fetching Tess Broussard (who delightfully wears some sexy red satin/silk panties during her scorching love scene). The former series also had some interesting episodes, particularly the one titled “Lucy,” which starred the voluptuous Griffin Drew (in three hot scenes with three sizzling pieces of lingerie!) and the slender, sexy Russian Eva Bell (red dress, no bra, black thong — thank you, wardrobe staff!). I would be interested in hearing your opinions on those two late night softcore series of the late 1990s/early 2000s.

    Thank you for your consideration!

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