Confessions of an Adult Film Star, Vol. 2


I found this 2001 film as a double feature on a DVD along with a film called Love Games, which I reviewed earlier today. But today we’re focusing on this film, which is the second in a serious of “confessions” films, another of which, subtitled SECRETS, I have reviewed yesterday. Like the last volume, this film is shot like a faux-documentary, It’s directed by B.R. Lewis, and the premise is that 6 different female porn stars are interviewed to tell us their biggest sexual “confession,” and then we see a reenactment of the events that they’re telling us about. So the film is broken up into 6 segments, around 20-25 minutes each, and each segment was written by a different screenwriter.

First OLIVIA SAINT stars in a segment written by Jim Hemphill. Alex Ferro plays her boyfriend Dave, and their problem is that Dave likes to do a lot of dress-up and role-playing in the bedroom, which Olivia is starting to feel uncomfortable with, thinking he only sees her as a “porn star” whose good for playing other characters, as if the real her isn’t sexually satisfying enough for her. So she confides in her friend Kate (Kylie Wyote aka Belinda Gavin), who helps her come up with a plan to teach Dave a lesson. Olivia arranges a role-playing session with Dave, where she dresses up as a dominatrix and ties him to a chair and puts a blindfold on him. Dave is going along with it at first, thinking this is just what he wanted. But when Olivia takes off the blindfold Kate is there with Olivia. The two women force Dave to watch, unable to participate, while they strip naked and have hot lesbian sex right in front of him. Afterward, Davis is angry and starts to leave Olivia, but she apologizes to him, and they have make-up sex.

Hemphill also writes the next segment, which stars JEZEBELLE BOND. Her story is that she really wants to have sex with a porn director, Scott (Tony Tedeschi), but he refuses to date the porn stars that he works with. So Jezebelle plans to set him up on a blind date with her friend Emily (played by adult film star Felony), which Scott agrees to. But when they meet for the date at her home, Jezebelle is also there, and she and Felony end up enticing Scott into a threesome (I should note that Jezebelle and Felony also had lesbian sex together before the date, in order to “practice”). Afterward, although Scott is reluctant to keep working with Jezebelle now, thinking the sex has made things different, she convinces him that they can keep their sex life and work relationship separate.

Hemphill also writes the 3rd segment, starring DRU BERRYMORE. Jonathan Gray plays her boyfriend Steve, who doesn’t mind her being a pornstar and having sex with other men onscreen, because that’s just a job. But he insists that she must be faithful to him off-camera. Dru mostly agrees, but then has sex with her friend Madison (Carolyn Monroe), thinking that sex with another woman doesn’t count as “cheating”. But Steve disagrees, and when he walks in on them right after they finished have sex, he stomps out and is ready to break up with Dru. Eventually Dru is able to convince him to stay with her, but bringing Madison back so they all can have a threesome together, which changes Steve’s mind about other women. Mike Blazer also has a small supporting role in this segment as Steve’s friend Phil.

Samm Croft writes the 4th segment, which stars KERI WINDSOR. She has a happy sexual relationship with her boyfriend Dave (Craig Stepp), but she fantasizes about seducing and having sex with a “non-porn” woman. She has set her sights on her roommate Brooke (Ann Marie Rios), who has just gotten a job as a stripper. Keri watches Brooke practice stripping in their home, and even lets Brooke give her a lapdance. Eventually Keri gets Brooke and Dave together with her, and they have a threesome, but then when it’s over Keri feels a little jealous about seeing Dave and Brooke together, and ends up fighting with both of them, before she finally calms down and apologizes, and then they all have make-up sex.

The 5th scene, written by April White and Ed Gorsuch, stars TJ HART. Daniel Busch plays her boyfriend Shawn, whom TJ thinks is cheating on her (why would any man cheat on TJ HART?!?), although he denies it when she accuses him. So TJ hires a Private Investigator, played by Bruce Lurie, to follow Shawn. The P.I. gets Shawn on tape having sex with a woman named Lisa (Tess Broussard, yes, THAT Tess Broussard). In anger, TJ seduces the P.I. and films it, and then shows the video tape to Shawn, so he can see how it feels to be cheated on. Shawn begs TJ for forgiveness, but she kicks him out, although she tells the camera that she may end up taking him back.

The final scene is written by Jim Hemphill and features NICOLE SHERIDAN. Craig Stepp plays her boyfriend Keith and Beverly Lynne Meadows plays her best friend Holly. Nicole says that she’s always noticed Keith and Holly being a little flirtatious with each other. So when Holly breaks up with her boyfriend, Nicole gets the idea of setting Keith and Holly up, to watch them have sex. Both of them are skeptical of this idea, although Nicole and Keith have sex after talking about it. Then one night it’s all set up, with Craig and Holly having sex on the couch while Nicole watches (and masturbates). Afterwards, it gets a little awkward for the three of them. Nicole asks Craig which one of them is better in bed, and then gets mad when Craig doesn’t want to answer that, and that turns into a big fight. Finally, Nicole calms down, apologizes to both of them, and then they all have a threeway together. It’s pretty hot.

The Hart and Sheridan segments are my favorites, and I also really liked the lesbian scene between Berrymore and Monroe, but overall there really were no “bad” scenes. Like I said before, the feel of the film was a nice mix between looking both professional and amateurish, although I supposed that the camera-style of these films is probably not for everyone. But I give this a Chaceook rating of FOUR STARS.

Love Games/Confessions of an Adult Film Star, Vol. 2

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  1. Great review but your description of the 4th segment is wrong as Keri Windsor, Anne Marie Rios and Craig Stepp do not have a threesome at all in the segment. Anne Marie Rios does do a lapdance but she has no threesome with Keri and Craig and she does not have a sex scene with Craig without Keri. Keri has a sex scene with Craig and a lesbian scene with Anne Marie Rios but there is no Anne Marie Rios sex scenewith Craig or threesome in the segment.


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