1This is an interesting film, I guess you could call it closer to a faux documentary. It’s directed by B.R. Lewis, and the premise is that 5 different female porn stars are interviewed (one of them twice) to tell us their biggest sexual “confession,” and then we see a reenactment of the events that they’re telling us about. So the film is broken up into 6 segments, around 20 minutes each, and each segment was written by a different screenwriter.

First up is ALANA EVANS, in a scene written by A.G. Lawrence. Alana tells us that she originally got into porn because she wanted to be a feature dancer at strip clubs, but once she got into porn she loved the sex so much that she never got around to stripping (this film was made in 2003, so it’s possible she may have gotten into stripping since then). Her confession is, unsurprisingly, that she likes both being watched while having sex, and watching others having sex. Glen Meadows plays her boyfriend, Jason, who in the beginning isn’t an exhibitionist or a voyeur like she is. But then one night they’re having sex, and afterward, they look out their window and can see their next-door neighbors, Whitney (Angelica Costello aka Venus) and Sean (Sean Juergens), having sex through the window of Whitney and Sean’s house. This gets both Alana and Jason excited and they have sex again while watching the other couple. But then Jason really gets into the idea of watching, and when Alana finds out that he’s set up a camera in the window to video tap Whitney and Sean having sex, so he and Alana can watch them some more, Alana gets angry. Jason doesn’t understand her problem (& frankly, neither do I), since it was originally her idea. But Alana worries that Jason is becoming a full-fledged “peeping Tom”. Alana tells Whitney what happened, and Whitney invites Alana to join her and Sean having sex, so Jason will see that when he videotapes it. Alana agrees and it’s threesome time! When Alana goes back to her house, she finds Jason packing his bags, saying he’s leaving because she cheated on him. Alana begs him not to go, saying she only did it because she thought it turn him on. This convinces Jason to stay, and they close the windows, implying there will be no more peeping.

Simon Ritchie wrote the 2nd scene, which features NICOLE SHERIDAN. Her confession is that she’s a “horny little slut” (her words) who needs a lot of sex. But the problem is that her boyfriend, a man played by Randy Spears, doesn’t want as much sex as she does because he’s always working and therefore gets too tired for sex. Over a romantic dinner with him, Nicole tells him that she wants to be able to go have sex with others to be satisfied, and Randy tells her to go ahead as long as she doesn’t throw it in his face. We get a scene of Nicole masturbating in a bathtub, and then she’s getting massages with her friend ANN MARIE RIOS, and tells her all about the deal with Randy. Ann Marie offers to have sex with Nicole since it’s okay now, and the two ladies go at it on the massage table, kissing, licking, caressing, and then scissoring each other to mutual climaxes. Later, when Nicole tells Randy about it, he gets turned on and wants sex, but Nicole is mad that he only wants it now after she’s been with someone else. Back at Ann Marie’s place, Ann Marie brings in one of the male masseurs for them to have a threesome with. Unfortunately, they don’t actually show this happening, but the next scene is of Nicole and Randy in their bedroom, with Nicole stripping for Randy as she tells him all about the threesome, and then they have sex.

Next up is SYREN, in a segment written by A.G. Lawrence. Matt Dalpiaz plays her boyfriend Gary. The problem is that Syren hasn’t told Gary that she’s a porn star yet. In the opening scene they have hot sex, but as soon as it’s over Matt puts in a tape of one of Syren’s porn videos on TV, demanding to know why she didn’t tell him. They have a fight, and the next day Syren offers to quit the business for him, but Matt tells her he doesn’t want her to have to change for him. So they put another tape and watch it together, then have sex again.

A.G. Lawrence also writes the 4th scene, featuring JULIE MEADOWS. Danny Pape plays her roommate Alec, whom Julie’s always had a crush on. He comes home one night revealing that he just got dumped by his girlfriend, so Julie takes the opportunity to reveal her feelings for him, and they have sex. The next day Julie comes home and finds Alec having sex with his girlfriend (played by a voluptuous brunette credited as “Misty”). She gets upset, thinking the previous night was a lie, but he swears that his girlfriend really did dump him, but then she came back to beg for forgiveness. Julie demands that he move out, and begins interviewing new potential roommates, but eventually, Danny gets her to forgive him, and they decide to become Friends With Benefits from now, having sex without any emotional attachment (no word on how Alec’s girlfriend feels about that). Softcore porn legend Monique Parent has a small supporting role in this chapter (using the name Scarlet Johansing) as Julie’s friend, whom she confides in.

Then we get ANGELICA SIN, in a scene written by Simone Ritchie. Her confession is a fantasy of breaking into a stranger’s house to have sex with her boyfriend, Pete (Alex Ferro). Pete is reluctant, but he goes along with her one night. They sneak into a neighbor’s house and have sex in the bedroom. Then the neighbor, Dan (Justin Kyle) comes home, and Angelica decides to distract him while Pete sneaks out. When Dan finds Angelica in the house he’s shocked and goes to call the police, but she tells him she was just waiting for him, that she’s had a crush on him for awhile. So she and Dan have sex, while Pete secretly watches through the window. Back at home, Angelica and Pete have sex again, because Pete was turned on by watching her. And then Angelica makes plans to do it again, thinking they should find a couple next time, so they can have a foursome.

And the final scene brings back Julie Meadows, this time written by Jim Hemphill. Tom Fry plays her boyfriend Tom. He knows that she’s a pornstar, but doesn’t know that she also does escorting on the side. Until one night when she goes to a motel to meet a client, and it happens to be Tom. He’s shocked to see her escorting, and she’s shocked to see him hiring an escort. They argue at first, and almost break up, but then decide to make the best of it. They arrange another date, this time pretending that they don’t know each other, and role-playing that he’s a stranger and she’s some random escort he hired. They meet back at the motel and have sex.

Each segment is pretty good, usually giving us at least two sex scenes in each one. All the sex scenes look very realistic, likely due to the fact that most of the cast has experience in hardcore porn, so they know how to make it look really hot while faking it. Also, the documentary-style way this film is shot also helps, it looks like it’s shot with a single camera, giving this film an almost amateur look to it, but still professional. So it looks like we’re really watching people inside of their homes, as opposed to just watching actors in a film. Another thing I like is that most of the sex takes place on beds. I know that seems like an unusual thing to single out in a film, but it seems that so many softcore and hardcore films tend to have the actors having sex on couches, chairs, tables, or just anywhere other than an actual bedroom. But the bed scenes help add to the realism.

Chacebook rating: 4 STARS

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  1. This one is always available, but one can never find Confessions of an adult star vol. 5. I’ve searched for it forever, but I can’t find it.


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