NIGHTCAP episode 6: Double Image


This episode is notable for being the first appearance of Kim Yates, she plays Trina’s roommate, Kim. Trina (Nikki Fritz) had mentioned a couple of episodes earlier that she had a roommate, but that they “stayed out of each other’s way.” Well, now we see that Kim also works as a waitress at the bar.

Written by D. Ray Morton and directed by David Nicholas, this episode begins with Trina at her home, meeting her ex-boyfriend from college, Jeff (played by Nicholas Franklin Bray). They haven’t seen each other in 10 years, and Jeff’s just in town for a few days. After some brief reminiscing the two get busy on the couch. The next morning, we see Trina and Kim talking over coffee. Kim had covered Trina’s shift at the bar, so Trina and Jeff could be alone, and got home late, after Jeff had left. Trina mentions how she had planned to see Jeff again that night, but then just remembered she’d already had a date planned with a guy named Randy, and she couldn’t break it. So she says she’ll just tell Jeff she has to work that night.

Well, Jeff shows up at the bar that night, not long before the bar should be closing, hoping to surprise her. But just Nikki (Tane McClure) and Kim are there. And, as Jeff approaches them, he overhears them talking about Trina and how she lied to Jeff to go out with Randy. Since neither women know who he is, Jeff pretends to just be some new guy in town, and starts flirting with Kim, who is clearly attracted to him and flirts back. As the bar closes, he takes her back to the place he’s been staying and they have sex. The next morning, Kim meets Trina back at her place, telling her all about getting picked up by some stranger (she never even asked for his name), and how exciting it was. Then she has to leave to run some errands.

Well, it all comes to a head the next day, Jeff and Trina meet again in the afternoon at her place, and have sex. Kim comes home and sees them in bed, but leaves without them knowing, and goes back to the bar, where she tells Nikki what happened. After sex, Jeff tells Trina that he’s in love with her, and asks her to move back to New York with him, and she accepts. Then she goes to the bar to tell Nikki and Kim the good news..

How will Trina react when she finds out about Jeff and Kim?!? Tune in to find out!

Storywise, this episode is kind of confusing. Are we supposed to sympathize with Jeff, since Trina did lie to him first, or are we supposed to hate him for cheating? But, then again, it’s not really cheating, as Trina and he weren’t officially together. And he was clearly upset to find out she lied to him, but then the next day he’s just suddenly in love with her? He wasn’t even going to bring up her lying to him? I don’t know, I don’t get it. And it may have been more emotionally effective if Jeff had slept with Nikki instead of Kim, since by this point we’ve seen Nikki and Trina as friends, unlike with Kim who is brand new here. So we, the viewers, have no kind of emotional investment in her yet. Like, there’s a point after telling Trina about sex with the stranger, Trina says “that’s not like you at all.” But, again, her being brand new, there’s nothing to indicate to the viewers that we should have been surprised by Kim’s actions.

I don’t know, maybe I’m overthinking it. There were three decent sex scenes, two between Fritz and Bray and one between Yates and Bray, but nothing that particularly stood out as especially hot. This could have been a better episode. Chacebook rating: 3 STARS


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  1. Have you seen a movie called Surf, Sand and Sex; with Kim Dawson and Tane McClure? I would like to watch it but there isn’t available anywhere 😦


    • contact Jason Majercik at Put “RE: NEWSLETTER” in the subject line. He’s got a ton of softcore DVD’s for sale. Both Rated R and Unrated. He’ll send you his inventory list and you can look through it and tell him what you want to order. I’ve used him many many times over the years, so I can vouch for him.

      Currently he has Surf, Sand and Sex available for $14.99. But, as I said, it’s the R-Rated version. I never bother buying those.


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